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Be the Unexpected Hero in Demonic Savior

When it comes to saving the world, demons usually do not make it to the list of heroes or saviors–instead, demons are usually the ones to cause destruction and mayhem. But in Demonic Savior, tables are turned as demons become the champions who risk it all to defend the human world from the sinister rule of the evil demon king.

Demonic Savior is an Action RPG that can be downloaded for free in Google Play. The game offers In-app purchases and are quite a handful . It almost could be a pay-to-win game but there is no PvP to make it unfair for other players so it really doesn't matter. As far as I can see, there are no ads. It could be that I just didn’t run into any but so far the game looks to be ad free, which is of course a good thing.

Demonic Savior is a Action RPG that seems to be a refreshing entry in the mobile market. By having engaging gameplay and a story that is surprisingly good, it is one of the RPGs out there that is an easy recommend to RPG fans and lore centric people.

You start the game by selecting a character to play . Your choices are Kai, a Great Sword wielding soldier who specializes in slow but powerful attacks; Lucia, a hunter who uses dual guns and deals with enemies from afar while evading and using bombs; Veras, the assassin type character who uses dual swords and does powerful single target damage and relies on his quick movement and skills to his advantage and last but not least; Sylph, a wizard that utilizes area of effect skills together with crowdcontrol skills to manipulate the battle.
The game has a lot of RPG elements that would make a fan spend a lot of his or her time developing the character they chose. There are lots of things to do in this game to pass the time (although not like most mobile games with timers) like hunting for equipment, upgrading them, unlocking and leveling your skills, etc. All these are great but what I personally like with this game is the story.

Each of those characters you pick aren’t just thrown into the same area. They all have their own beginnings and later on, meet the other playable characters along the way. From there, they proceed to save their respective worlds. Although the game used a feature I personally do not like–giving you an originally powerful character but then downgrading the character’s level in the beginning of the game. The other three characters' level downing didn't seem right because nothing happened to them. But one character in particular, Veras, seems to have done it perfectly. It would seem the game was even named after him–the reason behind that, along with the story, is quite good so I’d rather not spoil it. It would be better to play through it yourself.

One gripe I had with the game is that there are parts that suddenly shoot up in difficulty forcing you to grind in order to increase your levels and/or improve your equipment. One additional thing to note too is that the inventory space is somewhat limiting but it can be managed though by luck. Because one of the possible equipment you pick up are bags. Some bags hold two slots. Some hold four and so on. If you pick up a nice bag, then your problem is solved–just don't be a pack rat / item hoarder (I know it’s hard but RPG fans will manage).

The graphics consist of two dimensional sprites, effects, and backgrounds. Though the graphics may seem simple but the detail on everything is just superb. Even the character illustrations are really beautiful. I wish they could have placed different reactions or emotions to go alongside the emoticons the characters do. But personally it is still a really good style.

The sound is good except for the obvious looping cut in the background music. Aside from that, the rest is very well done. The satisfaction you get from hitting a lot of enemies is magnified by the intense sound you get when all the enemies are hit as it gives you a louder and heavier sound.

In conclusion, Demonic Savior is a well made RPG with a lot of game mechanics done right. Although there are some aspects that were not done as well, those that are done well are really awesome and make this game worth your time.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 22nd 2015

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Review by GuestMar 28th 2020
It's the best game ever number 1. Nothing better.
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