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Tips and Hints
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1. Completing a combo isn't always a good thing

Doing the normal combo (pressing the normal attack continuously) isn't always the optimal move. You may choose to cancel it to use a skill or, what I do is just spam the first or first two attacks to essentially lock most enemies in place. It is a generally safe option to hold enemies in place if you properly time the attack.

2. Upgrade often

Your gears and skills can be upgraded for free provided you have time. Always upgrade them to the highest level you can get them at. And if you know you will be away from the game for some time, you may upgrade the ones that will take the longest. Example for the wait time is some six hours so this could be done while you sleep.

3. If a challenger appears, observe them first

As mentioned earlier, the challengers that pop in your game function differently. So treat it like an actual PvP match and observe and wait for an opening.

4. Save up on diamonds

There is a reason to like an intrusion from a challenger. Defeating one gives you one diamond. You can also do missions that sometimes give diamonds as well. These diamonds are important in that they can make your life so much easier like unlocking more upgrade slots so that you can upgrade multiple equipment or skills at once. Or perhaps you can unlock a character or get a pet. Just remember to spend those diamonds wisely.

5. Use Invincibility frames wisely

Not spamming skills is a good idea. For one you will run out of mana pretty fast if you do so and second, if you see an enemy coming to attack and you don't think you can get out in time, use a skill. It will render you invincible for a short amount of time and possibly knock back the enemy which was going to attack you.

6. Get your combo high

As mentioned earlier, your combo gives you a decent boost in attack and loot rates. A good way of getting this up is lining up and bunching up enemies and using multi-hit attacks on them.

7. Deal with Elite / Boss enemies carefully

Elites normally don't flinch from attacks but do so when low on HP. Bosses don't so extra care should be used when dealing with them. Most likely after they are left open during their attacks.
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