Defender Z

How to play Defender Z

How to play Defender Z
Defender Z Guide


Combat: There are a variety of mode to play in the game.


The main aim of the game is to play through a series of zones to free the city from the Zombies enemies. Each zone has a number of standard defence missions followed by a boss level stage which contains a wave of harder enemies to content with. There is no costs to playing through the missions so there is no penalty for failing one. You will need to repeat it until you survive though to get to the next stage.

Winning a mission gives resources and money for upgrades.

+ Emergency Missions

Also in the mission section you have the option to tackle emergencies. These are spacial time limited missions that you can search for and complete for extra rewards. You need energy to search for them though which regenerates slowly over time so yo cannot do these endlessly.

These missions are normally easier that the main missions and are a good way to ear extra resources for upgrading weapons if you are struggling to get through the main ones. Do as many of these as you can to ensure a good supply of materials for improvements.


The Arena is PVP section of the game that pits you against another player in the world. Or more likely an AI opponent. The goal is to survive a never ending wave of zombie attacks and to lasts longer that your opponent. Competing gives you some rewards and depending on your performance you will gain or lose weekly cup points. At the end of a week you can recieve further rewards base on the points won.

You also need energy to take part in this mode so you cannot play it indefinitely.


The combat section is a survival more as with the Arena, but not against any other players. There are 2 game play options at the moment to try out. Survive as long as you can to earn coins a resources. You will be ranked against other players.

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