Defender Z

Hints and tips for Defender Z

Hints and tips for Defender Z
Defender Z Guide

Here we have a list of our hints and tips for playing this game. If you have any more suggestions to help other games please let us know in a comment below.


Airstrikes are a very valuable resource and can turn a certain defeat into a win, but they are also rare. Try to avoid using these unless you have to and save them for the boss level missions at the end of each zone. You can earn more of these as you progress through the game from rewards and also buy them with the crystals in the shop. But you should still be very careful to only use them as needed.

Fast Enemies

There are several different types of enemies to encounter in the game but it is the fast moving ones (dogs mainly) that are the most dangerous to your defence. Target these enemies as soon as they appear on the screen to give yourself a chance to take them out before they reach your wall.

Secondary fire

Your weapons will have a secondary fire mode such as a grenade launcher or rockets. These are useful for clearing groups of enemies but can only be used a limited number of times in a fight. There is also a cooldown between uses. Make sure you maximise the effectiveness by waiting for groups of zombies to be together and then take care to catch as many of them in the displayed red blast radius as you can.
The ammo for these regenerates for each mission so you don't need to save them though.


Its good to upgrade your weapons whenever you can but it is also advisable to only upgrade as you need to complete the missions. If you are struggling then look to make upgrades, but if not then save your resources for when you need to get new weapons.


Once you reach level 8 you unlock the Production option. Keep up with your production as much as possible,

Gift Box

Check the gift box in the top right of the screen for the free supply box that you get every day and the weekly missions that you can complete for more rewards. The more missions you can complete the better the rewards you can get.

Side Missions

If you are struggling with the main mission quests remember to search for emergency missions to complete which a normally easier and the survival modes in the combat menu. Both of these will give you extra rewards which you can use for upgrades.

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