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A pair of cats - one male, one female - that were made for each other. We are talking true love here, love at first sight, the sort of love that transcends simple barriers like being locked in separate cat carriers and being kept apart!

Yep, that is the situation - but it is even worse than being locked away from each other because these star-crossed lovers are also separated by infernal puzzles of the logic and physics variety!

The game features 130 puzzles that begin simply but progressively grow more and more complicated.

The more complex the puzzle the more thinking you will need to do

The more complex the puzzle the more thinking you will need to do

Puzzle success means managing to cause the two cat carriers to touch each other - and the method that is used, combined with the time that it takes, is the basis for your score - which is measure using four stars:

1-Star = Very Bad

2-Stars = Not Bad

3-Stars = Very Good

4 Stars = Excellent

Scoring is a combination of the number of taps you use on the puzzle and the time that elapses from your first tap to causing the carriers to connect.

For levels that you have trouble with, you can accept a lower score and continue to play new levels, returning whenever you like to replay the levels that you did not score perfect on.


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