Crazy Cats Love

Crazy Cats Love

Crazy Cats Love

The basic premise for this game is simple: two cats who are very much in love have been placed in traveling crates by their owners, who are moving. Your job is to reunite them any way you can by solving progressively harder physics puzzles that rely on logic.

Classified as a Physics Puzzle Game, Crazy Cats Love is a pleasant surprise once you actually start to play it — admittedly the premise seems to be rather unlikely from the description of the game — and yet once you begin solving the first few puzzles, everything clicks into place.

Created as a game that was intended to be played in bite-sized chunks, whenever you need the entertainment, the .99 cents price tag is more than reasonable - and the game includes a lite version that can be downloaded for free to get a taste to be sure it is your ball of cat!

Picture in your mind a pair of cats — Romeo and Juliet — separated by only a short distance but, as they are imprisoned in cat carriers, it may as well be miles.

Your job is to bring them together by causing their respective carriers to touch — and as simple as that sounds, the progressively more difficult puzzle levels begin to involve levers, slides, fans, and other devices, which require you to work out trajectories, determine the like path of one cat carrier, and where it is likely to meet with and then apply just the right force to make that happen.

In terms of longevity the game has it in its complexity, not simply because the higher levels require longer to work out and complete, but because the star-based score system encourages the player to return to a previously solved level to look for a more perfect solution in order to obtain all four stars!

Single-focus thinking often gets the player into trouble in this game, as many of the puzzles require you to do multiple actions at the same time in order to obtain the best results.

Play is graded based upon time to solve the puzzle, and uses a 4-Star rating system, so you always know whether or not you stack up to the ideal solution in time and, by extension, technique!

With 130 challenging levels, there is plenty of play time in this app — the version that I reviewed was for the iPad, though I can imagine it being just as fun and engaging on the other platforms as well.

The graphics are basic level - you will not be mistaking the cartoon cats for real ones - but that is OK, it is just fine for the type of game that it is!

It features a pleasant background soundtrack with the to be expected mewing kitties, and related sound effects depending on the content of the level.

Crazy Cats Love is a charming title, and offers gamers a mixture of entertainment and challenges of varying complexities that make it an instant favorite, and after spending more hours than I probably should have, I give this one a rating of 4.0 with a strong BUY rating.
4.0 / 5.0
review by CMBF | Jul 1st 2014

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