Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing

Basic Tips and Tricks

Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing
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Basic Tips and Tricks
Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing Guide

Here you will learn about the basic tips and tricks in Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing. This is one of the best racing games in the AppStore in terms of controls, and now we will let you control the race with some tips and tricks!

1.) Ad-removal - Ads will appear when you finish a session or you are coming from a menu screen. The removal of the ads, forever , is just $0.99. And this is a good game anyway, that $0.99 is actually cheap compared to the fun that you will have playing the game. The other in-app purchases packages (check my review of the game to know what are those) though are all depending on the situation, and honestly, I do not like them. It could had been purely unlocking the vehicles, but the cash system will tempt you to just brute force the stats of your vehicles when you have the cash. You can buy them, but it will make you less competitive when racing.

2.) Gyro Scheme - You can change the control schemes as you will, even in the middle of the racing, so just switch back to using the on-screen buttons if you are not comfortable with the gyro. However, the gyro will definitely improve your racing because it is just the natural control scheme of racers in the mobile platform. This shall also serve as your practice when you decide to play the more complex mobile racers because the gyro scheme is just tight, tight, tight.

3.) One Way, The Bus! - If you just want to earn as cash as much as possible, play the One Way mode because it is much easier. You basically just have to be disciplined instead of being skilled. In Two-Way, you have to have great reflexes and anticipation. Meanwhile, the Timed mode will just let you have fun for a while, and the amount of cash is not that large compared to the other modes.

4.) Upgrade Acceleration - Speed is the most important stat of your vehicle. The traffic is not that much punishing compared to games within the same genre. This does not mean that the game is easy-breezy no-challenge snoozefest. You will soon realize that you need more skills if you cannot handle the speed. Because the more the speed, the more difficult it is to handle the car. Sure, you can add some stats on your Handling, but Speed is all you need (aside from mad skills).

5.) Unlock the Most Expensive Vehicle, First - It might a be a long journey to unlock the most expensive vehicle, but it is worth it, why? You have to find out for yourself, otherwise, there is no point of playing the game if you already know what it is.

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