Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing

Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing


Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing sounds extremely generic even though it has one of the longest game names in the AppStore. The title pretty much describes what the game is all about, an extreme racing game with “blocky” graphics set on a highway.

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The game is free to download and play. However, the ads will pop out everytime the race is over. It is not annoying in a sense that you do not have to watch a video. It is just an image layout, but will open the AppStore if you tap it. So, just tap the “X” and it is big enough that you cannot miss it. There is an option to remove all the ads at $0.99, cheap and absolutely worth it. You can also unlock all the locked content by paying $9.99. If you just want some in-game cash for a particular unlock, you can always buy the cash packs at the following prices: $0.99 (25,000 cash), $2.99 (100,000 cash), and $ 5.99 (250,000 cash). Buying all the cash packs just do not make sense because it takes the fun out of the game. You earn cash in playing the game anyway, you are bound to get enough cash to unlock everything.

The game is a racer and you are going to drive on two lanes. This is basically an endless runner in a highway. There are unlockable tracks to play, but they are essentially the same, just with different weather. The most expensive unlockable track has fog on it. You control your car by choosing either on-screen controls, or the use of the gyro. The on-screen buttons are fine to use, but the gyro is just the far superior control scheme. Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing is just wonderful to control with the gyro scheme, it is just tight, and probably the best racing game that utilizes the control scheme.

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As mentioned, you are going to earn cash as you drive forward. You will have healthpoints that should go down when you keep on crashing on other vehicles. The cash can be used in either upgrading your vehicle's Speed / Acceleration, Handling, or Braking. The cash, as mentioned also earlier, is used in unlocking “tracks” and also other vehicles.

This game does not have the most technically impressive graphics, however, the art direction is just charming, and probably the very reason that this game got my attention when I was browsing the AppStore. The vehicles look like cardboard cut-outs that are shaped into vehicles. The music is not that good though, but I have this habit of muting games to listen to my music so it does not bother me much anyway. For those who listen to their games soundtrack though, Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing only has one soundtrack on a loop. It may have more than one, but if that is the case, they sound extremely similar.

The tight controls are everything, it is just pure joy to play the game. Crazy Block Highway Extreme Racing may not have the deepest upgrade system or broadest unlockable content, but its driving force is its gameplay, and that is all that matters.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Jasper Nikki | Oct 5th 2015

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