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Contract Killer is an addictive and engaging shooter for the iOS platform that offers you the role of the assassin in bite-sized chunks.

Contract Killer Hints & Tips

While the game and its objectives are pretty simple, there can be a lot of leeway between here and there, right? Right! So we thought we would help you out with our Top 10 Hints & Tips for the game - that way you have a little edge on play and the opportunity to make expert a lot earlier!

01. Always pay attention to the timer, because you must complete your objectives before it expires.

02. Work as fast as you can! Believe it or not you score better the faster you work - but do not sacrifice accuracy for speed, as doing so can actually cost you in terms of reward.

03. Tap on your gun icon in the HUD to manually reload.

Contract Killer

04. Upgrade your weapons to increase your firepower and capabilities. It may sound surprising but a lot of the time this is not on your mind. Getting better weapons and weapon capabilities can make a LOT of difference in how difficult the hit is.

05. Always use what cover you can when making a hit on a target who has guards or associates with them. The reason you want to do this is simple: when you hit the main target, his guards or his associates might attack you and, when they do, that usually means SHOOTING at you! So hey, cover? Good move!

06. While upgrading your weapons is a must do and so is obtaining new weapons, you should also be concerned with kit like body armor and better ammo - don't get tunnel vision and leave off on that sort of support kit because it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Contract Killer

07. Once you have gotten to the point where you have earned enough bank, seriously consider silencing your weapons. You don't need to use a silenced weapon for every hit, but when the target has three or more buddies with him, taking them out silently is really a good idea.

08. Your primary concern early in play should be to increase the weapon capacity and clip size, and then the ammunition damage rate for your main AND your backup weapons. Do not just focus on your primary at the expense of your backup.

09. Adding scopes to both your primary AND backup weapon is a must do - it increases accuracy and, more to the point, when you find yourself in a situation in which you run out of ammo on your primary, you will NEED that improved accuracy on your backup just to get out of the mission with your skin intact!

10. Don't just buy new weapons - especially if you have spent real-world money for IAP funds. If you actually NEED to buy a new weapon that is one thing, but waiting for the right deal is a really good idea! The developer regularly offers special deals and discounts - so keeping an eye on the pop-ups for those is a given.

Contract Killer

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