Contract Killer

Contract Killer

Contract Killer

So here is the thing - Glu Studios has a well-established rep as creator of fun and entertaining - if violent - video games. A well-deserved reputation as it happens, and their Contract Killer is not an exception to that.

When the game starts the first thing that you see - after learning what the game is about thanks to a voice-over - is the ability to add Facebook functionality which will allow you to play with (and kill) your mates, as well as obtain special rewards for the doing of it and adding Facebook to the game.

You are a contract killer - a cleaner if you will - the guy who fixes the messes other people make. The first experience you have is an audition for the Agency - who it is clear wants to know first, will you kill, and second CAN you kill right?

You find yourself on a roof with a single-shot rifle and a target that has been designated for you - all you need to do is zoom in the scope on them, choose the right spot - we prefer center body mass but you could go for a head-shot - and pull the trigger!

The economics in the game are actually pretty simple - you earn money for the contracts you complete and you can spend that money on special ammunition for each weapon, kit, and Guns. Better guns, more capable guns, or just guns you want to own, you can buy them all!

The kit available ranges from Silencers to serums, special devices, and drugs that enhance your abilities. You can also purchase Medkits and Body Armor - the point being that just about everything that you would expect to find in this sort of game is here - for a price.

To make that easier and to obtain access to better kit you can spend real-world money on Cash Bundles (ranging from $1.99 for $12K to $19.99 for $160K). There are also cards you can purchase and use - the Silver Card (30 Credits) costs $1.99, the Standard Card (90 Credits) is $4.99, and the Platinum Card (2500 Credits) is $99.99.

Sadly - though it does not necessarily detract from the pleasure of the game - it is also afflicted by pop-up full-screen ads, which is something we hate to see in a game. But hey, they are infrequent, so we can tolerate that!

Game play is server based and includes a constantly updated and added story mode, along with special offers, new kit, and Achievements, which means that there is always going to be something to keep your interest engaged and your brain entertained.

To encourage daily play the game rewards the players with special daily bonuses on a five-day schedule, that include money and Cards with Credits on them.

Using a city map, the player works their way through assignments based on their current level, and how well they carry out those assignments will dictate their rewards. Commonly a well-completed hit will result in a Cash reward plus Contract and Bonus XP. It should be noted though that killing civilians, or doing a bad job of killing the targets can have its toll.

The game is not a bird-dog style snipe - when the contract includes a target with associates, the player will usually need to take out the target AND his associates, who will be shooting back once the action starts. So body armor? Yeah that is probably a good idea and worth spending for.

The graphics in the game are pretty slick - a cross between old-school games on the PS2 and animated shows. The music in the game offers mood-setting theme play as well as to-be-expected sound effects that are good quality and add to the overall entertainment of the game.

There are a lot of shooter and assassin type games out there on the mobile platforms, but they are not all made equally... With Contract Killer we get the primary plot and a bunch of sub-plots, and if you pay close attention to what is going down and the contracts you are completing you will quickly realize that there is something deeper unfolding in the game.

For that reason, and its no-nonsense approach to the genre this is a pretty good and entertaining play that is worth adding to your regular game play rotation list! It is entertaining, it is fun, but more important than that, it delivers a level of entertainment that never insults the intelligence of the player - and that is not always the case with this genre.
4.5 / 5.0
review by CMBF | Dec 2nd 2014

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