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1. Get a feel on the Boss Monsters
Each Boss Monster has a certain inclination to what type of tactics it uses. Some prefer traps while others prefer using monsters. Some even have a preference of using spell cards. Choose the one that has an interesting playstyle and just restart the game otherwise.

2. Starting cards decide most of how the game will play out
Just like above, the starting cards that are dealt greatly affect how the game will play out. Considering that the boss can only take five hits, it is most likely a good idea to restart if the starting cards are pretty grim.

3. Card combos
Early on in the game, it is a good idea to get a grasp on certain card combos that work well with each other. For example, a Minotaur maze can push a hero back to the previous room once. If the previous room has a high damage rating, it will essentially do double damage and shortly after, a room that has a special property that if a hero is killed in that room, special effects trigger like healing wounds or drawing cards.

4. Spell cards are useful
Spell cards can wreak havoc on the opponents dungeon if an offensive card is used well. It may even outright disable the best room the opponent has, leading to some wounds dealt by the heroes. Or even reviving a particular troublesome hero if he/she posed a formidable threat to the competition.

5. Room prerequisites
Some advanced room cards require certain conditions to be met. Some advanced room cards require a certain treasure to be present in the previous room that it will be built on. So take this into consideration when planning out the dungeon.

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