Boss Monster

Boss Monster

Become the Unlikely Hero in Boss Monster

Defend yourself from these greedy, self-righteous heroes by murdering them in an intricate dungeon in Boss Monster. Boss Monster can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS platforms. There are In-App purchases and they come in the form of other card packs and scenarios. Something that isn't needed in this game but was unfortunately placed. Ads don't seem to be present but it may have been because of the game locking content behind a paywall.

The game revolves around the boss monster that the game randomly picks having to defend itself against greedy adventurers. Aside from the adventurers, the boss monster that was randomly picked by the computer also gains an opponent; another boss monster. The two monsters then defend themselves from these greedy adventurers while having the option of sabotaging the other monster's dungeon. The game starts with five empty rooms that will be filled up by room cards that come in the form of trap rooms or monster rooms. Both deal damage in the same way but have different ways of interacting with the other cards in the game.

The other card type are spell cards which directly affects the game or some rooms. These are also single use and will be sent to the discard pile after usage. The game plays out just like most card games do. The five rooms are filled with a number of room types that have special effects and then transformed into more powerful rooms if the upgrade is available. It was also previously mentioned that these heroes that are raiding the dungeon are greedy. This is due to the fact that each room that is placed has a treasure in it. The higher the total treasure of the dungeon, the more powerful heroes come to raid it. Some rooms also have a treasure type prerequisite.

The objective of the game is to acquire more souls than the other players. Souls are obtained by defeating heroes. Normal heroes cost one soul while special heroes cost two souls. While accumulating souls, any hero that makes it past the dungeon deals one damage to the boss monster--giving it one wound. The game is over if the boss monster takes five hits. That's basically it. The other game modes that probably would be interesting are locked behind the paywall.

The graphics of the game has a retro feel by utilizing pixel graphics and doesn't really have any flashy effects or even any decent visual spectacle that warrants its odd hardware requirement. It has a soundtrack that does fine but isn't anywhere near fantastic and coming from some midi tunes, coupled with it being a simple card game didn't give it a lot of options.

Boss Monster is a card game that has a simple mechanic and relies on some strategy and mostly luck. It doesn't give the player much to play with aside from the free content it gives and if the default game ever gets tiresome, there is no other choice but to buy the other content the game locked behind the paywall.

Despite its oddly high hardware and software requirements, that show no justification on its demands, it is easy to give Boss Monster a pass. There are other better card games out there that don't have ridiculous system requirements and don't lock content behind a paywall.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | May 6th 2015

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