Beast Lord: The New Land

Beast Lord Game Guide

Beast Lord: The New Land Guide

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Beast Lord: THe New Land is an online building and combat MMO game from StarUnion.

With many similarities to other real time strategy games you may already be familiar with the structure but if not then the game itself is a little complicated, but offers a lot of options and ways to play

Beast Lord Game Guide

In Beast Lord you will create a community of animals in your own area of jungle to build up your territory and expand it to increase you strength and survive in this animal kingdom adventure.

Upgrade your infrastructure, train troops, recruit Alphas (heroes) to lead and research the technologies to advance your territory and raise your power level.

There is a lot to learn in the game. To help you we have here a growing collection of help pages to answer some of the larger questions in the game and of course you can check the 'Answers' section above to find more help or ask your own questions.

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