Allstar Heroes

Allstar Heroes Preview

Mar 19th 2015

Good news, MOBA fans! Allstar Heroes, the #1 grossing game in China, is well on its way to completing Beta testing in the UK and future heroes should be looking forward to its arrival on the App Store and Google Play very soon.

Allstar Heroes Preview
Allstar Heroes Preview

The game has already been released in several countries and recently celebrated surpassing 1 billion downloads.

This automatic RPG and online multiplayer arena fighter from Allstar Games is the original mobile MODA. The market is full of substitutes, but Allstar Heroes was the first to give heroes a fast and functional turn-based battling platform that is perfect for casual gamers and cut-throat arenas with enough violence to satisfy even the decidedly hardcore.

Allstar Heroes

The game will be free to play with in-app purchases available. These optional purchases will get players more of everything faster, but dedicated players will find themselves constantly rewarded with plenty of in-game extras.

Allstar Heroes follows the progress of a motley band of warriors as they embark on a journey through dangerous places, defeat their foes and synthesize the souls of some brand new friends. The gameplay progresses quickly, but not automatically. The player has the option of when to perform a character’s special move, which can be the difference between victory and defeat. Winning battles awards your team equipment and armor to keep everyone healthy and victorious throughout the entire adventure.

Allstar Heroes

The game offers artistic scenery, adorable characters and a steady supply of quippy dialogue to get you hooked and enough daily login rewards, competitive arenas, and surprise treasure to keep players coming back.

There are new features unlocked at every level to make the good, better and the better, the best. The most epic of heroes are heralded to the server as a warning to the weak and an invitation to the strong.

The game is entering Android closed beta on March 26th. Players can sign up for in-game rewards using the following link:

CheerfulStar (Mallary), Staff Writer

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