Combat Tips

Combat Tips
Hardboiled Guide

Combat is turn based and the number of times you can hit an enemy depends on the weapon you've chosen as well as how many energy points you begin with.

Combat Tips

Keep in mind that all activities in a fight will use up energy points, not just combat action. Moving is a big one. Every dot you move forward counts as an energy point.

Fights will almost always be you against anyone else who happens to be hanging out in the area. Marauders will join in against you in fights with bandits and bandits will join in against you when you are fighting a beast. You don't really have any friends here.

Combat Tips

On the world map, enemies with yellow dots are (basically) neutral and won't (necessarily) attack you, while enemies with red dots hate you and will always always always try to kill you.

To try and keep fights one on one- get close enough to one enemy to start a fight and on your first turn, move as far away from everyone else as possible.

Aim for the chest and head.

Combat Tips

Try not to accidentally drop a weapon. It is gone forever if you drop it.

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