Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide
Hardboiled Guide

The basic idea is to search for your car parts and reassemble your car. Got it? Great.
Beginner's Guide
The First car part is one block North.
The Second one is West of that.

Containers with handcuff icons will require a fight to open.

Junk can be traded with the Trashmaster- 5 Junk for 1 Mystery Box.
**Spoiler**The first mystery box contains a Winchester Rifle.

The weapons guy will trade with you. He is located South of your car. He will be your best bet for armor after yours is used up. Trading is accomplished by selecting what you want from his supply and then adding items that you are willing to trade from yours until his "No" becomes a "Yes."

Beginner's Guide

As you fight more bad guys, you will gain experience points and level up. As you gain levels, you will get a skill point that can be assigned to one specific skill area.

**Apply all of your skill points to Agility, first. Agility gives you extra points to use in each combat turn.**

Generally, the revolver will be your weapon of choice. There is by far more ammo available for it than any of the other weapons. It also uses less energy points in combat, so by the time your skill is maxed out, you'll be able to get three shots off per round.

If you find yourself dying a lot in the beginning, stash your stuff in an empty container somewhere along the way where you will remember it. It will be safe from scavengers as well as safe from whoever takes your ammo when you die.

Beginner's Guide

Don't forget that you can always heal during a fight!!

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