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Review by GuestFeb 21st 2024

Was titally addicted to this game until I hit bz then it’s Infinity. You can’t see your progess beyond that, which was the motivating factor to keep playing. Whose stupid brainchild was that. No fun anymore! Delete. Will tell everyone I recommended this game to, to do the same!

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Review by GuestJan 8th 2024

Once you reach the Infiniti block, you cannot go any further! It makes paying extra money to remove the ads completely worthless

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Review by GuestSep 8th 2023

I hate to love it. How the heck do you win

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Review by GuestJul 2nd 2023

Was a fun game until I reached infinity. No longer fun

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Review by GuestJun 16th 2023

Love the game, a fan to be sure. Constructive criticism is the developers could have better "help" support especially when one gets to the top level

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Review by GuestJun 13th 2023

Addicting and can get a bit challenging even being easy. Love it to pass time and combining blocks is somewhat satisfying

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Review by GuestJun 7th 2023

I enjoy it . I can play for a while and stop and get back on any time and pick up where I left off.

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Review by GuestMay 21st 2023

I keep running out of moves :(

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Review by GuestMay 20th 2023

I’ve loved it but it cleared and I don’t know why

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Review by My blockMay 3rd 2023

Very addictive I'm trying to earn gems in golf clash but this is the best game to do so. VERYFUN

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Review by GuestApr 20th 2023

Somehow the game cheat by removing your blocks without you touching them

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Review by GuestApr 6th 2023

Great game if you love numbers like I do, exept for periodically getting infinity blocks that prevent to advance to the next level. definitely do not love that.

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Review by GuestFeb 20th 2023

It's a good game but frustrating when there is absolutely no clue on how to get out of the infinity stages, if I'm not out soon will give it up.

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Review by GuestFeb 15th 2023

Fun game until infinity than after that it’s all about your ranking. Boring

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Review by iangrahamFeb 10th 2023

I played constantly but I have now hit a brick wall to get past this infinity block

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Review by GuestJan 29th 2023

Das Spiel hat mir gefallen, es ist nur relativ rasch zu Ende, obwohl es ausbaufähig wäre...weiter mit 1ca...

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Review by GuestJan 16th 2023

Once reaching the infinity tile the game becomes boring. No way to increase value of tiles. Keeps dropping really small value tiles and never drops high value tiles like earlier in the game. Looking at the high scores this week it appears that bots rule. No humanly way possible to achieve these scores. Early on this was fun; now it’s a real yawn.

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Review by GuestDec 29th 2022

I loved it until I got the infinity block. Now it is just boring.

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