2248: Number Puzzle Games 2048

2248: Number Puzzle Games 2048

Gamer reviews for 2248: Number Puzzle Games 2048

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Review by GuestFeb 20th 2023

It's a good game but frustrating when there is absolutely no clue on how to get out of the infinity stages, if I'm not out soon will give it up.

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Review by GuestFeb 15th 2023

Fun game until infinity than after that it’s all about your ranking. Boring

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Review by iangrahamFeb 10th 2023

I played constantly but I have now hit a brick wall to get past this infinity block

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Review by GuestJan 29th 2023

Das Spiel hat mir gefallen, es ist nur relativ rasch zu Ende, obwohl es ausbaufähig wäre...weiter mit 1ca...

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Review by GuestJan 16th 2023

Once reaching the infinity tile the game becomes boring. No way to increase value of tiles. Keeps dropping really small value tiles and never drops high value tiles like earlier in the game. Looking at the high scores this week it appears that bots rule. No humanly way possible to achieve these scores. Early on this was fun; now it’s a real yawn.

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Review by GuestDec 29th 2022

I loved it until I got the infinity block. Now it is just boring.

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