Zombieland: Double Tapper

Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide and Tips

Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide


Zombieland: Double Tapper is an idle tapping based on the movie Zombieland: Double Tap. The game follows a similar theme to a lot of idle tappers whereby you unlock more characters, upgrade them, upgrade the weapons and receive loads of rewards.

As idle tappers go, this one looks great, and there is tons to do in it, although the gameplay does feel that there is not much depth to it... Well this is an Idle Tapper!

We've put together a mini-guide below with some Zombieland Double Tapper Tips to help you make sense of the chaos!

Zombieland: Double Tapper Tips

1) Upgrade everything... All the Time!

There is no time to lose, as soon as you can upgrade anything, your heroes, or weapons, upgrade them. The zombies will get stronger as you progress through the levels, so it's important you are not sitting on a big pile of in-game currency and that you spend it on your upgrades.

2) Check for rewards

The game is very generous with boosts and rewards, look out for icons with numbers on them, that will tell you there is something to collect in that section. There are a whole plethora of different rewards to collect, grab them as soon as you can to help strength your heroes.

Zombieland Rewards
Zombieland Rewards

3) Shoot the flying chests

Keep an eye out for the bird carrying the loot box, he will appear quite often and will drop some more rewards and coin if you remember to shoot him down.

4) Keep an eye on Daily Challenges and Events

Pay attention to what you need to do in the daily challenges and events to make sure you complete them fully and gain the best rewards. Often you'll just be completing these just by playing through the game, but there are also some specific tasks you'll need to do too.

5) Save up your Z Coins and upgrade your favorite hero

Z Coins are a little bit harder to get, and they are used to evolve your heroes. You may not have enough to max out all the heroes in the game, so make sure you pick wisely which ones that you evolve. You can get Z Coins as you play through the game and complete events and quests.

6) Unlock and Upgrade Rules

Zombieland rules are a pretty neat feature in the game, they basically allow some large buffs to apply to all of your heroes such as more health, or increased power. These rules are upgradable with Wisdom Nuggets

Zombieland Rules
Zombieland Rules

7) Keep Tapping!

Not sure why we have put this as tip #7 because it's probably the most important - You really need to keep tapping.. Although your heroes can shoot and fight the zombies themselves without any interaction, you'll do a lot more damage if you tap the zombies. You can then target which specific zombies you want to hit, and the hits will do more damage too. In fact the damage will be equal to 25% of your lowest heroes primary damage, considering you can tap really fast, the damage will add up to significant amounts in no time at all.

8) Tanks in the Front!

Remember to identify which are your tank heroes, and put them in the front. This really applies to the later levels when you have unlocked more than 4 heroes. Your support heroes should be at the back and the tanks up front to absorb any damage from zombies.

Tanks in the Front
Tanks in the Front

That sums up our Zombieland: Double Tapper Guide and Tips page, if there is anything specific you need help with in the game, please feel free to send us a question: https://www.appgamer.com/zombieland-double-tapper/answers/


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