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Zombie Blasting Endless Runner

Zombie Blasting Endless Runner

Zombie Killer Squad is an incredibly cool looking and very entertaining zombie blasting endless runner.

From the moment you load this game up you feel the quality of the game, and the visuals lead you to expect that this game is going to be one worthy of some of your attention. In that respect it does not disappoint. The gameplay and animation is smooth and the simple controls and well handled.

Basically the idea, as with all endless runners, is that you run as far as you can before getting caught. Along the way you collect power ups and coins and of course, blast tons of zombies!

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As is pretty much normal with free to download games, they are either ad supported or have in-app purchases or both. ZKS has both, but neither are intrusive and the in-app purchases are not at all necessary to enjoy the game. You can improve your weapons and power-ups by playing the game and collecting the coins as you run.

As mentioned briefly at the start of this review the graphics are of a very high standard and more comical that seriously gory which I prefer for this kind of game. However the nature of the game and blood and body splatters make this not suitable for small kids!

The backing track is cool and the in-game sound effects fit well with the game, your character says various phrases as you are running or when you get caught and fit in well with the overall feel of the game.

As long as any small kids don't share your device, this is an essential download if you like endless runners. It's very addictive and once you lose a life, you can get started with a new game straight away (i.e. there is no 10 sec count down or obligatory ad to very - not always anyway), this adds greatly to the gampley factor as you can just keep on playing game after game without stopping!

Five stars from us without question!

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5.0 / 5.0
Review by Rich | Apr 30th 2014

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Review by GuestDec 31st 2022

Very fun game, was surprised vanos gaming created it but it's a shame they no longer update it so it has performance issues with the later iOS and Android software updates. It crashes halfway through runs and achievements are bugged when you reach officer rank 1 meaning you can't unlock raptor feet, wings and other items for your run.

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