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Zombie Castaways is a farming / building and exploration game where you control a your own band of shipwrecked zombies. Unlock and explore a range of islands filled with resources and areas to build and upgrade to expand your zombie empire. Below are our top tips for getting started and learning the game.

Hints and Tips for Zombie Castaways

Get Tools
Tools are your key to getting almost anything done in Zombie Castaways, they are similar to energy in other games. The main source of there will be water wells. You will start off with one but can build more as you expand and collect the resources needed. Once they are built make sure to collect from them as often as possible to maximize the amount of tools you have available to play Collect from them as often as possible, setting your push notifications if you have to.

Tools come in several types and different ones are needed for clearing different items. You may find that you have plenty of one type but have run out of others, if you have these spare tools to use clear some of your island to see if you can get some of the ones you need. For example, if you have an excess of machetes but no pickaxes or axes, you can use the machetes to cut down bushes and dandelions, you have a good chance to gain more pickaxes and axes.

Your progress on each island will be determined by the quests you receive and complete. If you are not sure what to do tap the quest icon on the top left (below the cog) to see active quests and the requirements to complete them. Tap the question mark on an requirement to be directed to the target you need to perform.

Brains are needed to let you set multiple zombies to work at the same time. Not all zombies require brains for activities but some , such as the cooks, will do.

You will have access to 3 brains initially so you can have 3 workers but you can tap the brain option near the top right to watch a video ad and gain an extra worker brain for 3 hours. This will help you complete objectives faster.

Coins are earned from completing quests, or you can also sell items from your storage (tap the basket icon in the bottom right to open the market and then switch to the storage tab in the top left). Items you have crafted of cooked will be worth the most but try not to sell anything you may need.

Zombucks are the premium currency of the game and can be used to let you complete quests quickly. You will be awarded plenty of these through quest rewards and leveling up in the game. You can also buy more with money at any time by tapping the 'Zombie Bank' Z icon in the top right. Try to save these up as you play to make sure you have a stash of them available for any hard to complete quests in the higher levels.

We hope these beginner tips are useful to you. If you have any questions for the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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