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Tips & Hints
ZigZag Guide


The gameplay here is relatively simple: Tap the screen before the ball zigs when it should zag and plumets to its doom. Sounds, easy, right? It is! But here are some hints to optimize your gaming experience.

  • First of all, purchase the Ad-Free version. It will cost you $1.99, but if you like the game enough to be looking up how to get better, chances are you will eventually run into the run destroying in game pop up ad.
  • Disable notifications in settings if you are sitting down for some serious ZigZag time. There is no "Pause" so notifications of any kind will insta-kill your run.
  • If you are having what you think to be control issues, like you tapped but the ball didn't respond in time to save its life, try keeping your thumb (or whichever finger you use), closer to the screen. The game goes really quick and the lag between when you think to touch the screen and you actually touch the screen can kill you.
  • Don't forget to go shopping! Sure, the balls all act the same, but different colors are cool, right? You can't tell what you are buying before it gets there, but they each cost 100 diamonds and you accumulate diamonds pretty quickly. Also, there is really nothing else you can do with them...
  • If you are heading into a section full of jagged death spikes, try counting the number of walls as you bounce. Keep looking one section ahead and counting.

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