World War Doh: Real Time PvP

World War Doh: Real Time PvP

Jam City, Inc.

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World War Doh is a new PvP card collecting battle game from Jam City. In the game your objective is to kill the enemy commander by placing your cards onto the battlefield and re-positioning your own commander. Below we have some World War Doh Tips and Hints to get you started in this interesting looking, fast-paced brawler.

World War Doh Tips and Hints

Here are some beginner tips for World War Doh.

1. Upgrade Everything
At the start of the game you really need to upgrade any of your cards, it does not matter which ones, for a start it's not worth saving cash at the beginning on order to wait for your favorite card, you just play with what the game gives you and upgrade them as there is a big difference with playing with level 1 cards and level 3 or 4 cards.

Get cards and upgrade them all at the beginning

Also upgrading cards gives you level points which you need in order to upgrade your commander and tower. A higher level commander means more hit points so he'll be harder to kill in battle.

2. Use the shield
The shield is a great card, use it wisely, but remember it can be placed anywhere. For example if you want to grab the bucket of Doh in the middle, the shield will keep you safe while doing so.

3. Use your towers wisely
The towers have a cool down, so choose the best time when to use it

4. You just have to kill the commander
Remember the objective is to just kill the enemy commander, you don't have to kill the towers, although killing the support towers first may be a good strategy in a lot of battles. If you get the chance to kill the enemy commander, take it.
Objective: Kill the Enemy Commander!

5. Get the rewards
As with most free games of this genre, the game is very generous at the beginning with cards and free rewards, take them and remember to upgrade all of your cards initially.

6. Join a Club
As soon as you can, join an active club, you can gain points by donating cards that are requested, and also request cards from your club mates.
Join a Club to Request Cards and Donate Cards

7. Get to 100 Power
Get to 100 Power as quickly as you can, this will unlock the events and more great opportunities at free cards.

So far we've found World War Doh a really interesting game, we thought it looked a lot like Clash Royale in many ways, but the game is completely different.

If you are stuck, and need some help in the game, or have a question, please head over to our answers page for World War Doh and ask a question: World War Doh Answers
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