Where to get Guns in Roblox Ohio

Apr 7th 2023

Ohio (DevvGames) is a Roblox game inspired by Grand Theft Auto where you get a chance to experience criminal life. Your aim is to survive in the hood, fighting criminals and avoiding the cops in the streets while looting cash and collecting guns.

Where to get Guns in Roblox Ohio
Where to get Guns in Roblox Ohio

There are 15 different weapons on offer and unlike other team-based shooter games on Roblox you will not be able to purchase them through an in-game store. Instead, you must find the gun by visiting various parts of the map. This Where to get Guns in Roblox Ohio guide will tell you where you need to go to buy each of them.

Tommy Gun – The Thompson submachine gun can be purchased for $3,500 inside a café opposite the Infirmary or Hospital.

Stagecoach – This double-barrel shotgun can be purchased for $600 inside the Barber Shop opposite the Armory.

Python – The 3.57 Magnum revolver can be found inside the Church of Ohio. This deadly handgun can be found on its first deck and purchased for $1,000.

Steyr AUG – You can find this Austrian bullpup assault rifle behind the big gas station on the first floor in a brown-colored building. It costs $4,000.

M4A1 Carbine – This assault rifle can be found hanging inside one of the cabins on the first floor of the Police Station for $3,000.

USP 45 – The Heckler & Koch USP 45 semi-automatic pistol is available for $600 inside the cloth shop behind the Police Station.

Deagle – The Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol is available inside a brown building adjacent to the small gas station on the first floor. It costs $2,000

Military Base

M249 SAW light machine gun and Glock 18 semi-automatic pistol are hidden inside the Military Base. You need to blow up one of the weak walls of the base using C4 to get into the restricted parts of the camp. After entering, you will find the following guns in one of the tents.

M249 SAW (light machine gun) – costs $10,000

Glock 18 (semi-automatic pistol) – costs$1,000


There is an open sewer adjacent to the big rusty water tank. The tank is pretty much visible from anywhere on the map. Just jump inside the sewer to find the following weapons:

AS Val (automatic rifle) – costs $20,000

RPK (light machine gun) – costs $8,000

Saiga 12 (shotgun) – costs $2,400

Dragunov (sniper rifle) – costs $3,000


In Roblox Ohio you will find several armories on various streets. You can visit any of them to purchase the following weapons. The best one to visit is the one opposite the Barber Shop as it is located centrally.

RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) – costs $10,000

Uzi (submachine gun) – costs $900

Glock (semi-automatic pistol) – costs $300

M1911 (semi-automatic pistol) – costs $200

AK47 (assault rifle) – costs $3,000

AR15 (lightweight semi-automatic rifle) – costs $2,700

Mossberg (shotgun) – costs $1,200

Redeem Codes to get Cash

Redeeming codes is the easiest way to get cash to purchase the guns in Roblox Ohio. These codes are published by the developer on their social channels, such as Twitter and Discord. Take a look at our Roblox Ohio Codes to see the latest active codes in the game. It is important to remember that codes expire, so you need to use them as soon as possible.

How to get Ammo

Take a look at our How to get Ammo in Roblox Ohio guide to find out how you can reload your weapons when they run out of ammunition.

You can see all the games that are available on the Roblox platform by going to the official Roblox Ohio website .

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