Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints

1. The starting zone

The area in which your ball spawns is helpful in most puzzles. You can move your ball around by lightly swiping it in the direction you want it to go. This could also be used to position yourself in a more ideal spot if the starting spot doesn't fit your plan.

2. Observe the field

If you are having trouble with a certain puzzle, you should check the field carefully. There might be another way to complete the stage that isn't just so obvious.

3. Manage your speed correctly

Some puzzles are nigh impossible to solve if you keep going full force. Some of them require a specific speed to complete successfully. If you are having difficulty tackling a puzzle, try throwing the ball slowly.

4. Bounce count

The number on your ball represents the number of times the ball can bounce before exploding. With this, you have a rough estimate on how difficult it is to get to the goal.

5. Moving obstacles and slow balls

If your ball's speed is slow and a moving obstacle catches up to it, chances are it won't bounce off of it well and rather go into the object. This will result in the object "devouring" all the bounce counts. So watch out for that.

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