Turbo Dismount™

Turbo Dismount™

Indulge in Disaster with Turbo Dismount

If you are one who doesn't take traffic safety regulations or reminders seriously and are somewhat a person who will only believe things with their own eyes, then Turbo Dismount might be the game for you. If all goes well, Turbo Dismount might actually be the game that will turn your beliefs around and convert you into a law-abiding motorist on the road.

Turbo Dismount is a crash simulating game developed by Secret Exit Ltd. and is free to download for Android and iOS devices. In-App purchases are also present and cost around $1 to $5, with $5 being a premium that unlocks everything. There are ads too and can be removed by purchasing the premium but are not really that intrusive and don't come around too often. You also have the option to watch ads to try a different vehicle or map for a limited time.

Turbo Dismount is a driving physics playground in which you send a dummy into things like oncoming traffic, cliffs, ramps, mines, etc. The goal of the game is to simply rack up points in hopes of getting a high score. Possibly getting into, or even topping the online leaderboard.

Right off the bat you have a choice of a few characters, Mr. Dismount, Ms. Dismount, Mr. Heft, and Mr.Ego. These characters have unique poses on different vehicles (aside from Mr. and Ms. Dismount which seem to have almost similar poses, the difference being their bodily structures). For the free vehicles, you have a choice among three vehicles. A delivery van; Maximus, which is a front end of a trailer truck without the cargo; and a Token Bird which looks oddly similar to the bird in that Flappy Bird game. Each of them are handled differently and as mentioned earlier, the characters have different positions on each of them.

After getting to choose your player, you may now choose a map to play around in. There are quite a lot of free maps and you will most likely find a favorite map to play in. When you are in a map, you have a choice of switching your character, switching your vehicle, placing obstacles (although not all maps support obstacles), selecting poses, and steering in which you can command the direction the vehicle will take (the yellow arrows you see across the map indicate the route your vehicle will attempt to travel) or manually control the vehicle.

Then once you are satisfied with the setup, it is time to launch the poor dummy into his inevitable demise by tapping and holding the dismount button. The speed can be controlled depending on where the meter is at the time you released the button. If you didn't use a manual steering scheme then all you have to do is watch as your dummy gets into all sorts of vehicular mayhem. Each hit you take increases the points you get and triggers a multiplier, which increases the points for further sustained injuries. Basically the more injuries you can give your character, the more points you get. This can be further improved (or worsened for the character) by placing obstacles in the right places and by adjusting the speed in which you launch your vehicle (launching at full speed isn't always the right thing to do) or perhaps by simply relying on sheer luck because it is incredibly difficult to replicate a previous session due to the variables in physics.

The game uses three dimensional models with a pastel color theme. In my opinion, the whole scheme look like children’s toys. It is done in a good way though and looks neat. The music is nice and catchy too but it kind of gets a tad bit repetitive in a while due to the looping but then it really isn't that noticeable unless you're keen on having a seriously impressive soundtrack. Mostly you will hear the sound effects that play when you hit things and of course, the most satisfying one is hearing the bones of the dummy crack.

In conclusion, Turbo Dismount is a good way to pass time when you have nothing much to do. If you are a bit of a sadist and would like to see what happens when a humanoid figure is rushed into oncoming traffic, surrounded by mines, in a shopping cart or office chair, then this could probably show you that. It is free anyway and the free vehicles do more than enough to keep you busy.

4.2 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 20th 2015

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