Tower Craft 3D - Idle Block Building Game

Tower Craft 3D Cheats, Tips, Guide

Tower Craft 3D - Idle Block Building Game

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Version: 1.8.8 | In-Game Purchases

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Tower Craft 3D is an idle tower construction sim where the aim is to build the biggest and most profitable skyscraper you can consisting of an assortment of different types of floors. Read on for some Tower Craft 3D easy money tips, game strategy and a guide to some of the things in the game.

Tower Craft 3D Cheats, Tips, Guide

As idle games go, Tower Craft 3D is one that is really easy to play and doesn't require too much thinking about, as you just watch your tower continually grow and grow. But there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process.

Max Speed
Look out for the Max Speed option. In return for watching an ad, you'll be able to sit back and watch your tower construct itself at max speed for a little while.

Max Speed Video Ad Offer

x4 Speed
This is another good speed up option, where you can watch an ad in exchange for increasing the construction speed of your tower by x4 while you are holding your finger down. You can do this multiple times to increase the overall length of the x4 buff. The x4 also works when your finger is not down, but it will be just x4 of the normal building speed, not the pressed down building speed.

Unlock Characters
Your going to want to unlock some of the characters as they will also bring you better gem and coin drop chances among other things.

Look out for the Challenges
Every so often you'll get a challenge come up, basically you need to tap the screen as fast as you can within the time specified to complete the challenge and possible gain a character and some coins.
Complete Challenges to Unlock Characters

What type of floor to build?
As you play through the game there will be a number of new different floor types to build, each one brings in different amounts of money. Usually the ones that you unlock later in the game will bring in more money than the earlier ones, but they also usually require more difficult resources to build.
You get the option to build special floors from time to time for extra cash

Each floor will bring in cash plus some resources, and each floor takes a mix of these resources to build.
Different Types of Floors - There are many to unlock

The best floors generally are the more expensive ones to unlock, but to be able to build them,, you need to build a lot of the other types of floor. So variety here is key in this game. Build lots of different types of floors, to ensure you have a good spread of the different resources that you need for each floor type.

Upgrading Floors

It's really important to spend your spare cash on upgrading floors, this will increase the rate at which they deliver resources and coins, so it's a good investment.

You don't have to think about which type of floor to upgrade, just hold your finger down on the upgrade button and the game will take care of the upgrades for you.

Get Free Coins

There are a number of ways to get free coins in Tower Craft 3D. Look out for the drone, and tap it for a con related bonus.

Bonus Coin Drone

Look out also for the offer to earn at a rate of x2 when for watching a video ad.
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