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Go Go Goal
Fresh off the Super Bowl, you might be itching for some quick Football games. I am warning you though, this is not a "sports" title, this is more of a "runner" in the vein of Canabalt than a mobile version of Madden. If you are not familiar with Canabalt, think of Temple Run only in 2D with pixel art. Unlike Canabalt, Touchdown Hero is a vertical runner, not horizontal one.

Basically, you control an American Football player, probably a running back rushing into--and through the endless field, getting touchdowns again and again until forever ends. Or until you get tackled down.

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The game is free, but there is an option to bypass the video ad everytime you want to continue playing. The full title is $1.99. Question is, is it worth the price tag? Probably not, as the game is too barebones to consider a purchase. And watching the videos is not that bad either, it is just too clumsy when the average length of your gaming sessions is what, a few seconds? In fact, through bad luck, the videos are much longer than your actual playtime!

Gameplay as described is just that. You direct an running athlete over a football field, evading tackles and everything. The game does not tell you outright the controls, you have to accidentally discover them, or some sort. At least in my experience.

Being a runner, the game is tough inherently. Although, Touchdown Hero implements a gameplay tweak that allows you to trigger bullet-time. That is Matrix-level of slow-mo action. You basically control the player by snaking your fingertip all over the screen. Taking off your finger off the screen will trigger the bullet time, giving you ample time to plan your next moves. There is a bar for this, so that you can abuse it. Still, the bullet time bar fills up quickly anyway.

The graphics channel the age of SNES, detailed enough to understand what the things you are looking at are. The music is just a loop, with special effects getting long by the tooth in just few minutes of play.

There are unlockables, and they are for aesthetics only. Which is not much, they could have opted for more creative uniforms, or character avatars. Instead, they are just palette swaps and such. Most of these unlockable uniforms borrow from actual NFL teams uniform, but only to those who are very familiar with the sport can see the similarity. The developers could have opted for more ridiculous characters, like chickens, team mascots, or cheerleaders. Indeed, a missed opportunity. Unlockables are, for the lack of a better word, unlocked by completing goals like X number of touchdowns, or Y number of consecutive touchdowns. Or liking the game's Facebook page.

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The gameplay is basic, and the unlockables are not really that enticing. $1.99 is not that steep of a price, but for what you get out of this game, not worth it.
2.5 / 5.0
review by Jasper Nikki | Feb 10th 2015

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