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Total Part Kill Puzzle Solutions

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Total Party Kill is a puzzle based game set in a dungeon with neat retro graphics. The idea is that you get to the exit by any means necessary, and if this means sacrificing members of your party then that's just what has to be done! We love the retro feel of the game, and the puzzles which gradually crank up in difficulty, it's a really entertaining game that may well keep you occupied for hours. For anyone that needs a little extra help we have Total Party Kill puzzle solutions below, plus some gameplay tips that hopefully will help you through the game.

Total Party Kill Puzzle Solutions

Some of the puzzles are really simple, and some require a little more thought, but once you get used to the style of puzzles and have practiced the first few, you may well stroll through this game. If you are stuck however we've got you covered with our Total Party Kill puzzle solutions guide below.


Total Party Kill Controls

The controls are mapped out on your device. Left right, jump attack and switch character.

Puzzle 1
This puzzle is just meant to get you used to the controls in the game, you don't need to sac any of your team here, just simple jump up the steps on the right to reach the door. Only one of your team has to make it to the exit.

Puzzle 2
This one is a little amusing, you can't just walk through the pointy wall, but you can kick one of your mates through it to reach the button on the other side. Use the knight, walk up to the archer and press the attack button, to kick him onto the button, then walk the knight over to the door on the left to complete the level.

Puzzle 3
Here you control the wizard, walk up to the archer, tap the combat button, to turn the archer into an ice block and push him down to the spikes. The simply drop onto your mate that is now the giant ice cube, and then jump into the door on the left by pressing right and jump together.

Puzzle 4
Here the archer needs to shoot the wizard onto the wall on the left, above the spikes. Once he has stuck to the wall, make a big jump with the archer, onto the wizard and arrow that are now stuck in the wall then jump up again to reach the exit door.

Puzzle 5
Puzzle 5

First of all, be the red knight and jump onto the wooden platform, then be the archer and jump on the head of the wizard and fire an arrow into the knight so he gets stuck on the middle of the wall on the right, you may need to stand on the wizard's head to do this.

Then, with the knight stuck in the wall, be the wizard and walk close to the knight, so he becomes kind of a step for your archer to jump onto, and then jump onto the knight and then onto the stone platform above and out the door.

Puzzle 6
Puzzle 6

Here you need to jump your wizard and archer onto each of the wooden platforms, so one stands on each one both facing the spikes on either side. Then with the red knight, jump and attack the wizard and archer so each one flies over the spikes and onto the buttons.

This will unblock the door below the knight which he now just needs to drop down and enter.

Puzzle 7
For this puzzle, the archer will be the hero. So jump the knight onto the middle wooden platform and with the archer shoot him to one of the buttons on the right or left. Then utilise the wizard to jump onto the wooden platform and with the archer shoot him onto the other button. This will bring down the door blockers and the archer can exit the puzzle.

Puzzle 8
Puzzle 8

In this level your wizard will save the day. To get through this level jump your wizard behind the archer, then use the wizard's attack to turn him into a block of ice and push him onto the spikes below. Then do the same to the knight.

These ice blocks will form stepping stones so you can reach the door. You'll have to drop down onto the archer ice block first though because of the wall spikes where the knight is.

Puzzle 9
Be the wizard again and turn the red knight to an ice block with the attack button. With the red knight now frozen, be the archer, and shoot arrows to move the ice block towards the button on the far left. Keep doing that until it falls onto the button, then you can escape through the door on the right which will now be unblocked.

Puzzle 10
Puzzle 10

In puzzle 10, first of all be the wizard and turn the archer to an ice block and push him through the spikey wall, the wizard will die, but the ice block will fall to the ground.

Now, with the red knight, push the ice block towards the spikey wall at the bottom, and just as you reach the spikey wall, and before the red knight touches it, press the attack button to make the ice block go through the spikey wall and onto the red button.

This will give you access to the door on the left.

Puzzle 11
Puzzle 11

Position the archer so he is on the bottom wooden platform, just in front of the spikes. Now put the red knight just behind him and hit the archer so he hits the red button.

You then need to be the wizard and turn the archer to a block of ice exactly where he fell.

Then be the red knight and jump up the wooden platforms then onto the ice block. If there is no ice block there, the fall will be too much and the red knight will also die.

Then make both your remaining heroes stand over onto he far left and one will be a stepping stone for the other to reach the platform with the door to make your escape.

Puzzle 12
Puzzle 12

As the red knight position yourself in front of the spikes above the door. Then the wizard needs to freeze the red knight and then the archer should shoot the ice block through to the other side so he lands on the bottom set of four spikes. Make sure you push the ice block as close to the spikes as you can before shooting your arrow as he needs to go as far as you can make him across the other side.

Now position the archer on the very top platform and to the far right of it. With the wizard, jump up behind the archer and turn him to ice and push him down onto the two spikes.

The wizard should now be able to jump onto the archer ice block, then onto the knight ice block then jump over the remaining spikes and get through the door.

Puzzle 13
This puzzle requires some accurate jumping and position but has a simple solution. Be the knight and jump onto the small square platform in the air. Then be the archer and jump onto the upper part of the floor on the left, behind the knight then jump and shoot him onto the wall on the right.

The archer should now jump onto the small platform on the right and head close to the right edge of it. With the wizard jump up behind the archer and freeze him.

With the archer ice block hanging off the platform on right, jump onto the ice block then onto the knight in the wall, and then out the door!

Puzzle 14
This requires your knight and archer to be sacrificed onto the spikes and your wizard to freeze each one before jumping onto them and escaping through the door as in the screenshot.

Puzzle 15
For this puzzle jump your knight onto the block in the middle of the screen and move over a bit so the wizard can jump onto the block as well behind him. Use the wizard to freeze the knight and push him onto the spikes. Them the wizard should jump onto the ice block, then jump onto the red button. This will open the barrier to the door, which your archer will drop into.

Puzzle 16
Position the knight on the block to the left of the spikes and use the archer to shoot him into the wall on the right above the red button.

Then use the wizard to fire his freeze spell onto the red knight that is now stuck on the wall. When he gets turned to ice he will fall onto the button, and now you'll be able to escape through the door.

Puzzle 17
Use the wizard to shoot his ice spell onto the archer, then the knight can jump onto the ice block and hit the button on the ceiling. Then the knight should attack the ice block to send it through to the other side where the wizard is. The wizard can then also jump up and hit his red button which will allow access to the door.

Puzzle 18
Puzzle 18

Here use the wizard to turn the archer into ice. Use the knight to push him to the edge, before hitting him far onto the spikes. Then the wizard needs to turn the knight to ice and push him to the floor so you now have two stepping stones for your wizard to jump onto and escape.

Puzzle 19

Position the knight onto the small platform and use the archer to shoot him into the wall. Then use the wizard to freeze the knight. Position the wizard on far left on the raised part of the floor and with the archer, shoot him into the wall. Your archer can now jump onto the wizard, then the knight and escape.

Puzzle 20
The archer needs to stand just to the left of the spikes, then the knight needs to attack him so he lands far down the spikes on the ground. The wizard now freezes the dead knight.

The knight should now get close to the edge of the spikes then jump as far as he can onto the spikes. The wizard freezes him too, then jumps onto the two ice blocks and makes his escape through the door.

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