The Lost Lands: Dinosaur Hunter

Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
The Lost Lands: Dinosaur Hunter Guide

  • First of all, use Free Hunt Mode as your basic tutorial. Play it until you get a feel for the controls and can build up some cash.

  • The Dinos you will find in Free Hunt are random and will be a grab bag of any monster the game has available. Including a T-Rex, who will invariable eat you in one bite.

  • You are never penalized for dying. The only bummer is being killed when you've almost score a kill.

  • You will gain significantly greater damage points for hitting a dinosaur in the head. Like almost twice as many points.

  • The only creature that the aim-for-the-head strategy doesn't matter as much for is those pesky velociraptors. They are almost always one hit kills.

  • The plant eaters take three hits to kill and a tricerotops takes 10-12.

  • You will be paid around $40 per kill in Free Hunt, while in Poaching mode you will only get paid for handing in the specified bounty.

  • OK, that about wraps it up for me. Anything else you want to know? Drop us a question and we will be happy to think up an answer!

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