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The running game that started it all gets a sequel

The running game that started it all gets a sequel
The original Temple Run was probably the running game that brought this genre into the minds of millions of table and smartphone users, we take a quick peek at the sequel.

Like the original, you basically run through a aztec type maze trying to get to 'the idol' while you race through various pitfalls and dangers along the way while being chased by a rather angry dog-like giant monster. Up your street? Ok, let's carry on then.

Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios, is free to download and play, and is is pretty much usual these days, there are various options for in-game extras via collecting enough coins in the game or by purchasing using real money, for example you can but Usain Bolt to run with - how about that!

Review of Temple Run 2 on AppGamer.com

One note here is that the game doesn't actually tell you how much certain things cost, it just shows the purchase button - I don't like that. Other characters are unlocked after you have collected enough coins. There game also has a store where you can purchase loads of coins, or gems, which are the used in the game to extend your run (like an extra life).

Review of Temple Run 2 on AppGamer.com

There is an option to watch a video for a free gem once a day, but as yet, for me when I've tried, there has never been a video available to watch - you may have more luck than me!

The controls are a little more complex than a lot of running games, you swipe up down left and right to move but you also tilt your device to move your character to the side for example to move onto a ledge or to collect coins.

The gameplay is totally fast a furious and is very challenging from an early part of the game, which is good as you don't have to run through a particularly slow section before you get up to speed. There is a short tutorial as well at the beginning to get you into the swing of things and help you get accustomed to the controls.

Review of Temple Run 2 on AppGamer.com

Because the game is so easy to play, is challenging, has few ads and does not require money to play the game (yes you can buy stuff but it is not forced), this game should have a good shelf life especially in comparison to other runners. It's probably one of those games that you would keep on your device and give it a run every now and again, but never actually delete it as it's nice to play now and again and the fun aspects are not spoiled through the monetisation of the game.

Graphically, not much as changed since the first version. The main character still looks the same as does that wild beast chasing him. The developers of the game have very much kept to the same style of the original and it works well. It won't win any awards for great graphics, but they are reasonable and in keeping with the feel of the game. The waterslide is pretty cool though.

Review of Temple Run 2 on AppGamer.com

There is an accompanying soundtrack as you run, but to be honest it's a bit forgettable and not overly exciting. There is the occasional grunt from the beast or your runner, it leaves the game feeling a little empty sound wise.

In conclusion this is an essential game to have in your collection if you are into runners, it is more challenging than other games of this genre and you are not prompted to purchase something every two minutes. The game is free to download and play so it's great value for money as you do not NEED to purchase anything to enjoy this game, although the option is there if you really want to spend your hard earned dosh on a bag of coins, gems or even Usain Bolt.

If you download the game, take a look at our strategy guide which offers some useful hints and tips to help you keep on running.
4.2 / 5.0
review by Rich | Apr 9th 2014

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Review by GuestNov 27th 2021
Old format is far more better than this new update. All challenges cannot be fullfilled.
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Review by GuestNov 30th 2019
I love this game.... I play nothing else it's so challenging and fun and new stuff all the time. Hang in there, different places to go and play.
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