Stickman War Legend of Stick

Stickman War Legend of Stick Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Stickman War Legend of Stick
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Stickman War Legend of Stick is a casual tower defense type game where you basically have one tower, and you create an army of workers and soldiers to mine resources and defend your castle and then try to defeat your enemy tower and army. The gameplay is similar to Battle Cats, but seeing as this is a new game, there is still a lot for the developers to add. We take a look at the game and offer a few Stickman War Legend of Stick tips and strategy to help you get through the beginning stages of the game.
Stickman War Legend of Stick Tips and Strategy
Stickman War Legend of Stick Tips and Strategy

Stickman War Legend of Stick Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Game Modes
There are three main game modes, Campaign, Online and Survival. The best mode to start your Stickman War Legend of Stick experience is the Campaign mode as it offers a small tutorial too. Here you can get used to the controls, and the way you can put your army in three different positions; tower, defend and attack.

The Online mode allows your to compete against another players, it's a really interesting mode, and it's much more competitive to play against another person than the computer. The third mode is Survival, this is like an endless mission, and you need to try to continually keep surviving for longer and longer.

Armory Upgrades
It's really important to spend any resources earned in the game on upgrades as soon as you are able to. On completion of levels you'll get shields which you can spend in the Armory on upgrades for your units and your base. Initially I think it's best to spend your upgrade points on your miner and army. Upgrading the miner will make him work faster and be able to carry more in his cart, therefore allowing you to make more army units faster.

Army Size Limits
Be aware of the limit in the total size of your army, this number does include your miners too, so watch out if you make too many you won't be able to create a big army. Likewise if you create too big an army you may not be able to make enough miners. Balance is key here, to wi9n any level you'll need the correct balance of miners and army.

Start with Miners
Usually the rule in this game is to start each level with miners. Sometimes you are quickly attacked, in which case you'll need to either have some army units, or recall your miners back to your tower quickly. But usually you have some time to get a good few miners going before you need to create an army. This is good because you'll start to get a steady stream of gold to them keep churning out troops. If you don't have enough miners, you'll find that possibly you won't be able to make your troops fast enough. Look for a good balance between your army and miner numbers, and consider working on our mining at the start of each level.

Don't build too many Miners
It's easy to get carried away and build too many miners, but it's not very efficient, if they are producing gold at a rater faster than you can spend it, then you probably have enough or too many miners already.

A Word About Ads in Stickman War Legend of Stick
Unfortunately this game is a little ad heavy currently, it does spoil the flow of the game, but we understand that this could be the best way for the developers to recoup their investment in producing the game.
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