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Get infected by the spores

Sporos, from Appxplore, is another in a long list of simple but fairly challenging puzzle games available to play for free. But it does stand out with its design and game play setup and feels different enough to keep you interested.

The basic idea is that each level is a set of cells that need to be activated or infected by the spores that you are given. You will have 1 or more of these that are able to activate the cells in specific directions and placing them in the right locations will activate all of the cells and light them up. This ends the level and you are awarded 1-3 stars based on how many moves you required to get there.

You can use trial and error or you can give it all your brain power and try to get each one right on the first attempt. Either way you can replay levels to improve your score if you wish. Some levels are not too hard, but some will be quite a challenge if you decide to do it the hard way. There are also hints available in game to help you solve a level. These regenerate over time as you play, or if you need to you can buy more.

The basic game is free, but is supported by ads, both at the foot of the screen and an occasional pop up at the end of some levels. This is not too intrusive though and not unusual for a game like this. Ads can be disabled by purchasing any of the upgrade packs that are available for around $1 - $2 each or $5 for all of the packs. The base game has 500 levels which will keep you going for a while but if you enjoy the game then it's a bargain to grab a pack or more.

Sporos offers in game achievements and will ask to connect to your google account for this and for the option to post your progress to social media. You can skip this but it will ask again at each startup.

The game itself looks great. Bright, neon graphics and cool sound effects, with simple drag and drop control makes it a pleasure to play and the backing music is one of the better ones I have heard. I haven't muted it yet.

Puzzle games like this do suffer a little from repetition as the levels become increasingly similar. Although moving on to higher packs does introduce new and varied spores to make the cell activation more complicated. But if you are a puzzle fan and like to find your solutions without too much trial and error then this game will offer a challenge that is fund and a little different.

If you give the game a go please let us know your impressions in the comments or in a review.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Mark | Sep 18th 2015



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