Space Arena: Spaceship game - Build & Fight

Space Arena: Spaceship game - Build & Fight

HeroCraft Ltd
Version: 2.10.1 | In-Game Purchases

Build a unique spaceship, explore space, and defeat your enemy in space battles!

A distant future, Year 4012. You’re an aspiring spacecraft builder, eager to conquer space and show the world what you’re made of. Welcome to the Space Arena, the ultimate place for spaceship games! Research destructive technologies, build the perfect starship, provide your fleet with weapons, and prove you’re the best in the entire galaxy!

Become a gifted spaceship builder who got an opportunity to participate in a great space battle tournament. Assemble a spacecraft, take part in a space battle, and win! Research destructive technologies and discover new weapons. Build a powerful space battle cruiser with hundreds of cannons, leaving no chance to your enemies. Let the spaceship games begin!

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