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Top 6 Hints and Tips
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Top 6 Hints and Tips

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1) Work on increasing your mulitpier. This is essential to a mahoosive score. So complete missions and as you go through them you will slowly start to increase your multiplier.

2) Change direction in mid air. As things speed up you'll need to master the art of changing direction in mid air, by swiping to the left or the right, or even down. Swiping down while jumping will bring your character straight down and into a ball.

3) Look out for the free bonuses. These including watching ads for coins or liking the game in Facebook in return for other goodies.

4) Boost your Boosts. When you have enough coins, look at increasing your boosts such as magnet etc... so they last longer in each game.

5) Don't waste your dash meter. Once you have filled your dash meter, look out for the optimum places to let it rip so as to not waste it.

6) Longer Spin Dash. If you swipe down a few times you can increase the length of time you stay in spin dash mode. don't forget though that the more spins you do the more you will drain your dash meter.

If we've missed anything and you would like to add your own hints and tips for Sonic Dash, we invite you to do so in the comments below. Also, if you need extra help or have a question about this game, feel free to post it via this page: Sonic Dash

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