Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game

Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game

Sniper Shooter: Life Behind the Scope

Stand up to the role of a sniper and fascinate yourself as you live the life behind the scope in Sniper Shooter. Developed by Fun Games for Free, this stickman employing game, which is free to play for Android and iOS devices, will make a fool out of you if you'll assume that it is a boring game at first glance. Because once you take a dip with just the first few missions, you'll surely end up finding yourself wanting to dive deeper throughout its addictive content

The game probably owes its charm from several factors including its intuitive interface, the varying form of challenges presented by the scopes and limits of each and every mission, the humorous punch lines, the nifty detail of blood splatter (for some gamers I guess), and of course the cool idea of putting one's shoes in the life of a sniper.

As you dwell on the game itself, you will be tasked with five consecutive missions on every stage. Your employer will appoint these missions ranging from the heroic stuffs like saving the president to the petty ones like hitting on a referee for mis-calling a match in the past. Clearing all of a stage's missions will unlock the following stage along with the hidden alternate objectives of the previous stage if you decide to re-do the missions to earn some additional cash.

Once you accept the initial mission of a stage though, you will not be able to change weapons or withdraw from it without sacrificing to lose your entire progress you made in that stage. So keeping up a goal of between farming those extra cash from alternate objectives or meeting a specific limit of failure for earning stars should be pre-determined to employ a better rifle for your strategy.

The challenge of the missions are presented with varying objectives and limits. Starting from the ones with a plain hint and specification of your target, the hiding ones, moving targets, figuring out the order of kill, preventing alarms from multiple patrolling targets, and those tricky ones from where you'll still need to properly identify your target amidst the crowd. Another challenge presented in the game is the application of range and wind adjustment compensation (most especially frustrating on moving targets with minimal window time of opportunity for the shot).

The game is also modest in terms of rightfully placing suggestive purchases whenever you fail a mission. For the quality of the game you get for free, it's quite surprising that it doesn't hog you with senseless advertisements and pushy purchases even when playing online. Speaking of which, in-app-purchases are in the form of various sniper rifles with specific benefits intended to breeze through the stage's challenges. To be clear though, it is possible with just the standard issued rifle to accomplish the mission in any given stage – it’s just a bit more tedious and challenging.

For the game's graphics, having to employ stickman visuals doesn't necessarily mean poor presentation. Let alone the imposter "PSY" dancing to the Gangnam Style background music from the 5th mission on stage one disprove this. The audio is also very suggestive of the situation, a mission on a presidential parade for example will be filled with the ambient noise of the crowd, while another mission over an empty construction site will provide you dead silence. Quite a set of nifty details worked out all-in-all in terms of graphics and audio, in my opinion.

In conclusion, Sniper Shooter is a simpler approach for those who enjoy first person shooter type of games. It packs a hefty number of challenges to keep you at the scope's aim. It also serves as a reminder that a noteworthy game doesn't always have to rely on flashy graphics as this game presented itself with plain stickman visuals but nevertheless making its mark to be yet another great game overall.

4.5 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 28th 2015

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