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Simplest RPG really is just that. But even though it is very simple, it is a time killer very worthy of your attention for fans of the AFK genre. The game is simple to play, but that hasn't stopped us putting together some Simplest RPG Game Tips to explain what you can do in the game.

Simplest RPG Game Tips

There are no instructions or tutorial in the game, so basically what you need to do is gain exp and items by fighting versus either the monsters or in the quests.

The Monsters tab from the main game page is the simplest option where you can select which monster you want to fight against and set it to auto fight. The trick is picking a monster which is suitable for your level, you don't really want to be dying every battle, so aim for one close to your own level and see how that goes.

Simplest RPG Monsters

Obviously the more difficult the opponent, the better the rewards will be, but the greater chance of you dying too, even though you can restore your HP with gold or energy.

Energy is restored at the generous rate of 1 per second, so this keeps things interesting and you don't have to leave the game for long periods of time before you need to come back and do more battles. With the Auto Fight enabled the game will continue to fight each time you have enough energy to take you into the corresponding battle.

Quests are a little more complicated, as you have to fulfil a certain requirement to be able to get the end reward, this can take a lot of time and a lot of game energy to get done.
Simplest RPG Quests

You do however stand a chance of getting a reward each time to spend energy on a quest, the gold you get back is good and sometimes you get an item that you can equip or improve in the blacksmith.
Quest Results

Equipment Menu

Here is where you can see all of the items you have collected and where you can equip your favourite items. Having the best items equipped will increase your attack and defense statistics. You can improve your items in the Blacksmith.


Blacksmith Menu

Here you can choose which items you want to upgrade. You can only upgrade unequipped items. So it you are wondering where the helmet is that you've equipped, unequip it if you want to upgrade it.

The upgrade process is based on gold and chance, and there is always a probability that the blacksmith will break your item and you'll lose it. If this happens you need to play the simple mini game to stop the marker in the zone to save the item!

What is King

King is the premium feature of the game and a way to support the developer if you have enjoyed Simplest RPG with the King activated you will get a number of buffs.

King Benefits


Online is apparently coming soon with some cool and interesting features. Check out the Discord group for this game, to stay tuned to the latest developments of Simplest RPG.

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