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Shoot'em All is a simple to play crawler that lets you work your way through the many levels as you complete missions and gain skills and upgrades. Rescue Hostages, destroy enemy bots and take on the bosses.

Grab units, assemble parts into your own tank models.
Rescue the hostages from thousands of never-seen-before enemies and mind-boggling obstacles.
Leveling-up, becoming stronger and beat the never-ending waves of enemies to protect your tank base.
Choose members to form your tank crew

Shoot'em All Tips and Strategy

As you play though each stage try out all of the different skill boosts that you are offered, they each have advantages. If you find the ones you like the best you can try to acquire them each time.

The attack bonuses will help clearing the initial stages quickly the health bonuses will come in handy for the tougher fights.

While playing through each stage look for alternative routes. You will occasionally have the option to take multiple paths with one path being a detour to an engineering station to gain extra abilities like rockets, or optional rescues for extra rewards. As you finish each stage you will see a map overlay that will show you the possible routes.

Keep an eye on the 'On Hook reward box on the main screen. This gives you extra rewards the longer you play the game for. Remember to collect hem before you stop playing. There are lots of opportunities to get free stuff in the game or to get an extra item or boost from watching an advert.

Master the movement and keep moving. In combat you may sometime need to take cover but the enemies can move fast and are mostly very dangerous. Dodging them and constantly moving around the area will give you the best chance to avoid damage. Your run will only end if you die so keep out of harms way. Most levels will have cover which can be used effectively to block enemy shots.

Get used to the different types of enemy bots, each will have a pattern of fire or attack and an animation of timer to indicate when you are going to be hit. Try to take on a single enemy at once by maneuvering around cover and be ready to move whenever an attack is inbound.

If you have any questions for playing Shoot'em All please head to the Answers Page or drop us a review below to let us know what you though of the game.
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