Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue

Version: 0.1.9 | Coda Platform

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Rope Rescue is a new for 2019, casual game where you connect a rope to two points to transport a group of people to safety. You have of steer clear of dangers on the game area, making sure the path of your rope stays away from things like gears and other bad things that will kill the people you are trying to rescue.

The game is cool, the gameplay is smooth and the ad interruptions, at the moment, are not too bad considering this is a free game.

Here are a few tips for Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue Tips

1) Check your rope path before you start to send people, if it runs close to any dangerous objects your people could be killed and you'll fail the level.

2) Watch the ads when prompted to unlock extra things like skins.

3) When there are moving obstacles, only send a few people at a time until the obstacle moves out of the way.

We've put together a small guide to help with some of the levels, you can check it out by going to:
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Nice game, but it seems to repeat itself after a while
2.6 / 5.0

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