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Ultimate Driving Codes

Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands is a car driving and racing sim from TwentyTwoPilots. In the game you can explore, role play, and race with your friends in a huge open world environment. Earn credits driving and then spend them on muscle cars, tuners, classics, super cars, and even hyper cars. There are over 300 vehicles in the game.

The game also lets you join a job and enforce the law as a police officer, save lives from fires as a fire fighter or EMT, keep the post office moving as a mailman, ship cargo and drive tractor-trailers as a trucker, and haul your friends to new places as a bus driver.

Ultimate Driving for Roblox
Ultimate Driving for Roblox

Ultimate Driving Codes for Roblox

The codes for this game are shown below, you can use them to get free credits to buy cars and also skins to customize.

Working codes for Ultimate Driving


- Redeem to get Glitterati Skin


- Redeem to get Consider the Hut, Out Pizza'd Skin

SorryBaconTap to copy

- Redeem to get Glitter Purple Skin

heartlessTap to copy

- Redeem to get 10,000 Credits

UnexpectedTap to copy

- Redeem to get Unexpected Wrap Skin

somethingTap to copy

- Redeem to get 1 Credit

POGTap to copy

- Redeem to get 15,000 Credits

carbonTap to copy

- Redeem to get Black Carbon Skin

catmTap to copy

- Redeem to get Nightshade Skin

BOOMTap to copy

- Redeem to get Chroma Shade Skin

boomdyeTap to copy

- Redeem to get Exotic Carboom Skin

MatrixTap to copy

- Redeem to get 10,000 Credits

CarboomTap to copy

- Redeem to get 10,000 Credits

nothingTap to copy

- Redeem to get literally nothing

Expired Codes
RACE - 10,000 Credits
DARKCAT - 5,000 Credits
super - 10,000 Credits:
XMAS - 10,000 Credits
Navdd - 10,000 Credits
BFSALE - 10,000 Credits
2020 - 2020 Grad Skin
Zap - 5,000 Credits
USA - 10,000 Credits
BYE2020 - 15,000 Credits

How to redeem the codes in Ultimate Driving for Roblox

Redeeming your codes in Ultimate Driving is not too difficult! Look for the icons and find the one with the dollar sign ($) on it and click on it. You'll then get the shop menu and find a Redeem Codes option that you need to click on. Once you do, look at the bottom of this menu for the following area:

Click on the area labeled "Enter Code" and input one of the codes from below. Once you've got it entered in correctly, you'll just need to hit the Redeem button and then you'll receive the reward!

Redeem Codes for Ultimate Driving
Redeem Codes for Ultimate Driving

How to get more codes for Ultimate Driving

The team behind Ultimate Driving are active in developing updates and releasing codes. To keep up to date with any new codes you can look out for them on this page. If you are a fan then you can also follow the developers on their social channels to listen out for announcements.

If you spot any new codes or find ones that are no longer working please let us know below in the comments. And check out our Answers Page for any questions you have.
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