Roblox Halloween Merge Simulator

Halloween Merge Simulator Codes Dec 2022

Get some free coins for a handy head start in this Halloween themed merge game with these easy to enter Halloween Merge Simulator codes.

In another take on the merge theme, this is a Halloween inspired game where all of the merged figures are related to Halloween, ghosts and other. Grab something by running into it and show it into another object that is the same to merge it to the next level. Upgrade the spawn rate, base level and max capacity to help things go faster. You can do this with coins, and it just so happens that you can get some free coins with these Halloween Merge Simulator codes below.

You can also make things a little easier by unlocking the various auto merges, and when you have enough coins, you can elect to start over with a rebirth. This will give you some free gems which you can use to purchase upgrades such as increased coins, gems and speed.

Halloween Merge Simulator Codes

Here are the active Halloween Merge Simulator Codes, instructions on how to redeem them are further down the page.

RELEASETap to copy

Get some free coins with this redeem code.

How to redeem

While playing the game click the blue bird icon on the left of the screen. This will bring up the code entry screen, you can then simply copy and paste or type in any of the codes above and click the submit button. If the code is still active the game will tell you what you have got.
Click the blue bird to bring up the code entry screen
Click the blue bird to bring up the code entry screen

How to get more Halloween Merge Simulator Codes

We'll be publishing all of the Halloween Merge Simulator codes that are released on this page. But you can also follow the social channels of the game developers as they often release codes first via those channels. They are also great ways to stay informed about the game, it's latest developments and to get help from other players. You can find the developers on Twitter @FlareTianyun and on Discord

How to play - Any tips?!

It's a really simple game to play, just match two of the same objects to merge them together by pushing them together, this will merge them into an object which is the next level up. TO sped up the process use coins to increase the spawn rate, this will make objects appear faster. Increase the max capacity, this will allow more objects to be on the game screen at the same time. Increase spawn level, this will help you out because all spawns will start at this new minimum level instead of starting from level 1.

Code entry and gameplay video

As you upgrade these items, subsequent upgrades will become more expensive. We recommend upgrading all three of these more or less equally. Also try to grab the auto merge bot to help you out and take the rebirth as soon as you can to grab those free gems to enable you to purchase permanent upgrades.

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