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DungeonFall is a free-to-play fantasy Roblox game where you need to progress as far as you can in your dungeon. As you delve deeper and defeat dungeon bosses you will find legendary loot. Upgrade your items through the gold you earn defeating enemies and master powerful skills that are unlocked as you level. Rebirth and upgrade your player stats to become stronger. Redeem DungeonFall codes to get gems to spend on your adventure.

DungeonFall Codes

Enter your DungeonFall codes for free in-game items such as coins, relics, runes or gems.

Likes15kTap to copy

Get 500 gems

PetsTap to copy

Get 200 gems

PlanetMiloTap to copy

Get 500 gems

Expired Codes





How to get Enter DungeonFall Codes

Redeeming DungeonFall codes is an easy process. Simply launch the game and tap on the gear icon button on the top right side of the screen. This will bring up the 'Settings' menu which you need to scroll down until you get to the Twitter bird icon. Tap this to bring up a 'Codes' menu and input your code in the designated area and tap the blue 'Redeem' button beside it to claim your reward.

How to Enter DungeonFall Codes
How to Enter DungeonFall Codes

How to get More DungeonFall Codes

We add codes to this page as soon as they are published so be sure to check back often. Go to Mithril Games, the developer of DungeonFall and join their Discord and Twitter where you will also be able to discuss the game with other players. It is important that you add codes as soon as you get them as there is often no indication as to when they will expire.

Level Up to Unlock Skills (Spells)

In DungeonFall you will be rewarded skills that will help you to defeat monsters and bosses of dungeons easier and quicker when you reach a specific level. Listed below are the skills and the level you need to reach to unlock them.

Level 3: Fireball

This releases a ball of fire dealing damage to any enemies inside its blast radius.

Level 6: Healing

After using this skill you will have a passive healing for a few seconds allowing you to heal in combat.

Level 12: Ice Rupture

This skill generates spikes up from the ground and deal damage to enemies hit by the ice.

Level 24: Void Strike

This summons a circle of miniature swords that deal a lot of damage.

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