Roblox Cinema Tycoon

Cinema Tycoon Codes Dec 2022

Start your big screen adventure off the right way with these free Cinema Tycoon codes to get you some in-game cash to get some upgrades.
Cinema Tycoon codes
Cinema Tycoon codes

In this cinema sim, you have to build up your Cinema by purchasing upgrades. The more you get, the more cash you'lll earn per second. To help you get started check out the latest active Cinema Tycoon codes below and get a great headstart in the game.

Active Cinema Tycoon codes

Here are the active Cinema Tycoon codes, instructions on how to redeem them are further down the page.

HALLOWEEN2022Tap to copy
- Redeem for 5,000 in game cash

How to redeem

Start Cinema Tycoon on Roblox then when you want to redeem your codes, click on the blue bird icon on the left of the screen, this will bring up the code entry box. Now simply copy and paste the code you want to try from the list above and click enter.
Click the blue bird icon to bring up the code entry box
Click the blue bird icon to bring up the code entry box

Use your free coins to grab some upgrades for your cinema and start earning more money faster in this fun sim.

As well as the redeem code, you can also get some more in-game cash by joining the Roblox group of the game developer, @Theam_Studios. Simply join the group, then restart the game and you should received a $5,000 in-game cash reward.

How to get more Step Cinema Tycoon codes

We'll be publishing all of the Cinema Tycoon codes that are released on this page. But you can also follow the social channels of the game developers as they often release codes first via those channels. They are also great ways to stay informed about the game, it's latest developments and to get help from other players. You can find the developers on via their Roblox Group Theam Studios, on Twitter @Theam_Studios and on Discord.

How to play Cinema Tycoon

Basically you just need to keep collecting cash in the game and making upgrades. The more upgrades that you get the faster the cash will roll in. Look out for the rebirth option to restart the game but with a higher multiplier.

If you are stuck, there is a tips icon which will guide you as to where to run to next based on your next upgrades.

To get an idea of how to play the game, and the see how to redeem the codes in this game, check out our Cinema Tycoon codes video below which shows us entering the codes and some clips of how to play the game.

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