Roblox Anime Battle Simulator

Anime Battle Simulator Codes

Here's a cool Anime inspired fighter on the Roblox platform. It's currently in Alpha testing stage and has loads of player and followers so we would expect that this game in particular will have a load more new redeem codes to come for it. It's always good to get into a game that is in early development still as it usually means that you will get the best rewards!
Anime Battle Simulator Codes
Anime Battle Simulator Codes

Anime Battle Simulator Codes

Here are the latest Anime Battle Simulator codes, as more get released, we'll keep a record of the list of working Anime Battle Simulator codes here.

mightyoneTap to copy
– Get 30 minutes double unlock speed
deathgems1Tap to copy
– Get some free gems
loadingfixTap to copy
– Get some free gems
update2Tap to copy
– Get some 30 minutes x1.5 multiplier yen
K4K4R0TTap to copy
– Get some free rolls

How to redeem Anime Battle Simulator Codes

To redeem these free game codes, start the game and look for Yamcha, this will be the character with what looks like the twitter icon over it's head. Now you'll need to interact with Yamcha to get to the screen to redeem the coeds, so tap V to talk to Yamcha, then when the text box comes up, just copy and paste into the box the individual redeem codes that you want to try, and press enter.

Once in the game, walk forward until you see an anime character with a Twitter Bird icon above his head. This is Yamcha!

Press V to talk to Yamcha. Enter each working code separately into the text box. Press Enter to redeem your free reward.

Where to Play Anime Battle Simulator

Anime Battle Simulator is played on the Roblox platform, and it is available to play for free by following this link to the game:
Play Anime Battle Simulator on Roblox

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