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Riddle Road is a card game based adventure story game from Vizor Apps Ltd. You must complete solitaire style games of card to earn the stars to unlock the story.

Riddle road's solitaire game is based on the TriPeaks solitaire card game but features a range of card layouts and patterns as well as a wide range of boosters, buffs and modifiers to increase the challenge on various levels.

As you move through the levels they will become harder to complete although Vizor say that every level is possible to complete. With each one costing coins to play and replay if you fail it can become frustrating if you cannot finish them. Below are some quick tips to playing this style of Solitaire to help you.

Riddle Road Hints and Tips

In Tripeaks solitaire you will have active cards and covered cards that you cannot yet see. This makes the game tricky to judge and requires an ever changing strategy to ensure success. You will be trying to follow a sequence as you collect the open cards but as each one can open new options you will need to adjust your ideas and new options open.

In Tripeaks, when faced with any choices of cards to collect always look for the option to uncover the most new cards. The more cards you can turn over and view the more chance you have of being able to find a way to clear them. In Riddle Road this is also true as it will give you the best chance to clear the board, but you may also need to consider any multipliers that you are building, or bombs or other obstacles that you need to deal with on the screen.

As getting long runs of cards is a must in Tripeaks and even more so in Riddle Road you should look for any opportunities to increase this. Long runs can add more cards to your deck. Remember sequences can go up and down and if you have the option to make use of wildcards to extend your card collection run then it can be worth it.

You also have the option if you get stuck in the game to undo moves. This costs you coins so needs to be considered carefully against the cost of replaying the level. But if you know that you made a bad choice towards the end of the game and you can undo to try it again then that is worth trying.

The boosts in the game can be very useful and can make the difference to clearing a level easily or just failing. It would be wise to save these up and only use them when necessary but part of the difficulty of the game is how hard it can be to repeat stages when you need to wait for coins. If you can wait then try to make a better plan for any hard levels for the next run through.

Keep an eye on the Notebook and in game events for the opportunity to earn more coins and other rewards, There is a regular tournament that you just need to play a few levels to enter and you can win prizes.

We hope these tips have been helpful. Remember that this solitaire games are tricky by can all be completed with the correct strategy. You will need to make choices that can win or lose the level but you can then emend the strategy and try again.

If you have any questions for playing Riddle Road please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


Riddle Road FAQs

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What are Joker cards?

These are just another card to clear but you can clear them using any other card of the same color and then use them to clear any card of the same color. Very useful.

How do you get more coins at a time? I can only log in to collect some, play once and then I'm done.

You get some coins after each level win, and the more cards you have in the deck, the more coins you get. Also look for the special events in the game that let you win some coins and boosters.

Why do some cards have moving arrows on them?

The arrows will point up or down. For every move you make the value of the card will change up or down.

When do you get the jackpot cards?

These are random and there is only a small chance of getting one.

Can play riddle road offline?

You can play the main game offline, but to make sure the game progress is backed up or if yo need to watch adverts for bonuses you need to go online.

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I'm really really liking. Has cards and mystery who done it.......lots of fun.

4.8 / 5.0

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