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There are loads of cards to collect in Revolve8, and seeing as this page is being written in February 2019, we reckon that loads more will be added in to the game as time goes by. We'll keep updating this page regularly when we learn of new cards added to Revolve8.

Basically there are 4 Tiers of cards in the game; LE, SR, R and N - LE usually being the best cards and most rare, down the N, the more common, and generally more basic - although, as we know from games like Clash Royale, a well leveled common card can do wonders for a deck!

These cards become unlocked as you progress through the levels in the game and collect chests to unlock.

The cards can also be classified as hero, minion, building and spell. The table below lists all the current cards in Revolve8, gives you some details about them, and we take a look at our favourite cards that we have found in the game so far.

League 1 Cards

The following cards unlock as soon as you start the game

Blue Ogres / Minion / N / Cost: 2 ink
Low cost but long range minion that can attack ground and air

Card Squad / Minion / R / Cost: 4 ink
A group of close range minions that work as a team

Card Soldiers / Minion / N / Cost: 1 ink
Simple low cost and close range minion

Emperor / Tank / R / Cost: 5 ink
Decent, slow moving tank

Flying Trunk / Spell / N / Cost: 5 ink
Splash damage magic

Karen / Guard / R / Cost: 4 ink
Attacks multiple ground enemies simultaneously

Kintaro / Attacker / SR / Cost: 5 ink
A Close range attacker who moves swiftly, dealing heavy blows with his axe. Low HP

Lilliput Archers / Minion / N / Cost: 3 ink
Useful long range minion that can attack ground and air

Momotaro / Attacker / SR / Cost 5 ink
Well balanced attacker

Ogre Hut / Building / R / Cost: 5 ink
Building that generates Blue Ogres for a set period of time.

Red Ogres / Minion / N / Cost: 2 ink
Well balanced close-range minion

Red Riding Hood / Supprt / R / Cost: 4 ink
Great support unit that does well behind a tank, hits multiple air and ground units from range.

Star Money / Spell / N / Cost: 3 ink
Large area splash damage magic, great against an advancing minion group attack

League 2 Cards

When you reach League 2, the follow cards become available to be unlocked.

Aladdin / Attacker / SR / Cost: 4 ink
Long range attacker of both ground and air units

Bean Drop / Spell / N / Cost: 2 ink
Inflicts damage and stun to enemies

Crow Goblins / Minion / N / Cost: 3 ink
Flying minion unit that can target ground and air units

Sinbad / Support / R / Cost 5: ink
Flying unit that is great at hitting groups and single units

League 3 Cards

Card Castle / Building / N / Cost: 3 ink
A building that rapidly deploys card soldiers

Cinderella / Charger / SR / Cost: 4 ink
Fast attacking unit that heads toward enemy buildings

Poison Apple / Spell / R / Cost: 4 ink
Throw this spell to inflict damage to a group of enemies for as long as they are in contact with the damage area

Ring Genie / Attacker / SR / Cost: 4 ink
Aerial attacking unit that does large damage to buildings - if it makes it there!

Urashima Taro / Defender / SR / Cost: 7 ink
Defensive card that targets any oncoming troops, dealing big damage to them.

League 4 Cards

The following cards become unlockable when you reach League 4.

Bear / Guard / R / Cost: 4 ink
Good tank card that offers protection to other cards that you throw.

Fire Wasps / Minion / N / Cost: 2 ink
Causes great damage to minions at little cost.

Little Match Girl / Marksman /SR / Cost: 7 ink
Long range unit that can target enemy buildings from far away.

Mysterious Fire / Building / R / Cost: 5 ink
Building that spawns Fire Wisps

Wannabee Cannon / Building / N / Cost: 3 ink
Ground attacking defensive cannon

League 5 Cards

The following cards become unlockable once you reach League 5

Fairy Godmother / Support / SR / Cost: 5 ink
An unit which will attempt to clear ground units by throwing a pumpkin

Gigantic Turnip / Spell / R / Cost 7: ink
Hits a small area, but hits it hard

Honeybees / Minion / N / Cost: 2 ink
Hard hitting, but low HP minion card

Otohime / Support / R / Cost: 4 ink
Support unit that will slow down your enemies

Snow White / All-rounder / LE / Cost: 8 ink
Strong unit that is backed up by her seven dwarves

League 6 Cards

The following cards become unlocked with you reach League 6

Beehive / Building / R / Cost: 4 ink
Building that spawns honeybees

Monkey King / Attacker / LE / Cost: 5 ink
Attacking card that spawns clones

Snowman / Minion / N / Cost: 1 ink
Use this card to freeze momentarily an enemy card

Wicked Queen / Tank / SR / Cost: 6
Place this tank anywhere on the battlefield

League 7 Cards

The following cards become unlocked with you reach League 7

Flock of Crow Goblins / Minions / N / Cost: 5 ink
Strong aerial minion unit

Sleeping Beauty / Support / R / Cost: 4
Support unit with stun ability

Thunder Drums / Spell / SR / Cost: 6 ink
Spell that damages and stuns 3 units in a targeted area.

League 8 Cards

The following cards become unlocked with you reach League 8

Blast Mortar / Building / SR / Cost: 5 ink
High area splash damage to units and buildings from long range

Clara / All-rounder / LE / Cost: 8 ink
Very strong attacking unit with high HP

Ray Beam / Building / SR / Cost: 6 ink
Building with increasing attack for the duration that it is locked on.

League 9 Cards

The following cards become unlocked with you reach League 9

Rapunzel / Charger / LE / Cost 4: ink
A long range fast charger who shoots powerful rounds in exchange for the Tower's or her own HP.

Best Cards

As with other Best Cards lists, it's really going to depend on which cards you have unlocked and what level you are in the game, and what cards you have that work well together as a team.

If you are just starting out, you probably want to focus on one tank, a couple of spells, and a building and the rest being attackers or support units.

For example a great League One deck could consist of the follow eight cards:

Monotaro - Attacker
Card Squad - Anti Tank
Ogre Hut - Building to deflect attacks away from your towers and to spawn units
Emperor - Tank
Karen - Defensive card to take out oncoming groups
Red Riding Hood - Great behind the tank
Flying Trunk - Decent Spell
Lilliput Archers - Long ranged minion attacker, again, useful behind your tank.

Then it is a matter of upgrading your deck as best you can until you reach the next league where a better selection of cards will become available to be unlocked.

Best Card in the Game


Hard to say at this point but Clara looks pretty awesome, shes strong and has a lot of HP, she is LE though, and only available once you reach League 8, so don't expect to unlock this card so easily!

But my pick is coming from a player that is a big Golem fan in Clash Royale, and there are some similarities in the characteristics of these two cards!

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