Project Slayers Trello

by RichApr 3rd 2023

A great place to dig in to loads of information about this game on Robox is the Project Slayers Trello page.

Project Slayers Trello

Project Slayers Trello

In the Project Slayers Trello you will be able details about the game as it is now and future developments too.

It is a great official resource that is written by the game developers to find out both facts and also what may be soon to come for the game in the future.

Here is the link to the Official Project Slayers Trello:

Apart from the link to the official Trello, you may also find the following game help information useful too:

Daily Spinner

Remember to use the daily spinner for some cool free in-game rewards. Grab yourself some free Wen, spins and more just by logging in daily and remembering to use the free daily spinner.

How to become a Demon?

You gotta find Muzan, but he's a slippery little guy and only comes out at night. He's hiding out in all kinds of places, so you'll have to use your wits to track him down.

But that's not all, partner. You gotta collect 5 of those Blue Spider Flower Lilies and bring 'em to Doctor Higoshima. Those things are scattered all over the map, even in towns, so you gotta channel your inner lucky charm and just run around until you find them.

Once you got the flowers, it's time to bring 'em to the doc and then haul him over to Muzan's hideout. And here's the kicker - if you succeed, Muzan will reward you with his blood! And rumor has it that blood has the power to turn you into a demon! So, are you ready to take on this challenge and become a demon yourself?

What is Trello?

Trello is a fantastic project management tool that provides an easy way to jot down and modify cards that hold all kinds of valuable information. As it turns out, Roblox developers frequently turn to Trello to share crucial details about their games with the community.

Best of all, Trello boards are completely free to use and have a vast range of applications, which is why they've become a favorite among the Roblox crowd.

By the way, if you're looking for the Trello board for Project Slayers, that's all you need to know! Just hop on over to the Roblox section of our website, and while you're at it, take a peek at all the other exciting games that are available on the platform.

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