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Ever fancied catching any Pokemon you want unlimited masterballs, being able to walk anywhere in the game, or just having enough rare candies to level up and Pokemon, well you can do this and more with our collection Pokemon FireRed cheats.

Since the original Pokemon series of games was released over 20 years ago now, and the original game devices and cartridges are hard to obtain, a lot of Pokemon enthusiasts are playing the game using emulators on their mobile devices.

Pokemon Fire Red Codes - Easily input via your Emulator
Pokemon Fire Red Codes - Easily input via your Emulator

These emulators also allow you to input GameShark and Action Replay codes and you can get the same affect as you would have got with the original devices.

We've put our Pokemon Fire Red Codes over on this guide page , so we could separate them into sections.

Head on over to our Pokemon FireRed Guide for a ton of codes and start getting everything you want in the game and do neat tricks like walk through walls and encounter any Pokemon in the wild .


Pokemon FireRed Cheats Codes Walkthrough

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Como pegar o mewtwo? No pokémon fire red no meu boy --- How to catch mewtwo? On pokemon fire red on my boy


Todos o códigoseu do pokemon fire red? -- All pokemon fire red codes?

Como pega todos os tms e hms?

Como desgraças abre o site de códigos de cheata do pokémon? --- How do you open the pokémon cheat code site?

Como obter status 999?

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