Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga

Be a Hero with Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga is another "saga" brought to you by the money-printing geniuses at, creators of Candy Crush Saga and people who have never once looked up the term "saga".

Pet Rescue Saga has been released for iOS, Android and through Facebook on PC. Since its initial release, Pet Rescue has been up dated every few months with more and more levels and will kill more free time than anyone actually has to spare. The game was recently updated and now totals 837 levels of pet rescuing fun.

The game is free to download and technically free to play, but did not get on the "Highest Grossing' app list by just giving things away. They have recently made some changes to their pricing that actually almost makes playing their games a good value. They have added an in-game currency system for purchasing power ups and extra lives. Nine gold bars costs $0.99 and refilling your lives also costs $0.99, but if you are habitually impatient, buying a bundle of gold coins can save you some cash in the long run. Not a lot, mind you. The 100 coin bundle costs $8.99 and you can refill your life supply 11 times. Two extra times for free!! Except, it isn't free... It cost $8.99.

They have also recently added a new feature for unlocking additional levels: Quests. Instead of paying the obligatory nine gold bars or begging friends to send pretend plane tickets, you can now complete one "quest" level every 24 hours for three days. Gee... thanks?

Longevity of the game will not be a problem until the masses stop paying to produce additional levels. The puzzles are fun and the animals' death noises alone are more than incentive enough to keep them alive.

I have been a puzzle gamer since Connect 4, so I was immediately drawn to this inexplicably popular game. It is slightly different than the rest and unlike some other candy game I could name, it actually involves solving a legitimate puzzle. Game play involves touching a contiguous group of at least two like-colored blocks. There are obstacles along the way as well as a rechargeable free booster on every level to help clear the level.

Playing Pet Rescue Saga is a nice way to spend some time, but a fruitless way to spend money.
2.9 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar | Feb 5th 2015

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