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Overwatch 2 Tier List (May 2024)

By Paul | May 5th 2023

Overwatch 2 is the follow-up to the highly popular team-based hero shooter game created by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. Overwatch 2 is intended to be a direct sequel of the original Overwatch but ended up getting treated as a huge update to the original game. It features a renewed user interface, updated roster of heroes, and enhanced gameplay mechanics to name a few.

Overwatch 2 Tier List (May 2024)
Overwatch 2 Tier List (May 2024)

In our Tier List, we will attempt to rank the current available roster of heroes in the game. Just remember, Tier Lists are not "definite" measures of the character's strength and potential. Each character has their own intended roles and set of strengths or weaknesses.Overwatch is somewhat a very balanced shooter with emphasis on the players' own skills or abilities, as well as team composition and team work. At the end of the day, your own experience and enjoyment matters so go with the character that matches your preferred playstyle.

Overwatch 2 Best Damager (DPS) Tier List

S Tier: Junkrat, Sojourn

A Tier: : Ashe, Bastion, Mei, Reaper, Tracer, Widowmaker

B Tier: : Echo, Hanzo, Pharah, Symmetra, Torbjorn

C Tier: Genji, Sombra, Soldier 76


Junkrat is still a popular pick in OW2 due to his capability to defend tight corners and chokepoints with traps and indirect fire using his grenade launcher. These grenades can bounce off walls and have an arcing trajectory when fired, giving a good Junkrat player means of damaging the enemy team that no straight-firing projectiles can do. His endless barrage of explosives can reliably whittle down the defenses of enemy tanks. Not only that, His trap has been nerfed in OW2 (doesn't capture or immobilize players anymore upon stepping on it) but that didn't really influence what he does best.

Due to the nature of his primary weapon, he's not great at medium or close combat; not only that, he's a glass cannon so staying away from the main engagement is preferred unless it is desperately needed. His own explosions don't hurt him so he can usually use that as an escape mechanism as well if needed. Finally, his explosive, remote-controlled ultimate is still capable of wiping out an entire squad if they are clumped together, enabling opportunities for clutch moments.


Sojourn is a railgun-wielding hero that has a really high skill ceiling in order to unleash her full potential. Her railgun can shoot either rapid-fire projectiles or powerful charged-up beams that are damaging enough to take down low HP heroes in one shot. Her Power Slide ability makes her a more slippery target while helping her move quickly around the map strategically. However, to use her kit effectively, players need to have good positioning, aim, and skill.

Overwatch 2 Best Tank Tier List

S Tier: Ramattra, Orisa

A Tier : D.Va, Reinhardt, Sigma

B Tier : Doomfist, Junker Queen, Winston, Zarya

C Tier: Roadhog, Wrecking Ball


Ramattra has a versatile kit that offers balanced options for defense and aggression. His Omnic form has a Void Accelerator staff and Void Barrier, while his Nemesis form gives him additional armor for melee assaults. Recent buffs have increased his movement speed and armor bonus, and reduced the cooldown for his Void Barrier. His ultimate generates an energy swarm that deals constant damage to enemies in range.


The quadrupedal guardian robot Orisa maintains a strong position as one of the top tanks ever since her release in 2017. While having the role of an offensive tank, she can still be very durable and resilient thanks to defensive abilities like Javelin Spin and Fortify. Her Augmented Fusion Driver deals high damage at close range and uses a heat mechanic instead of ammo, which can be combined with her abilities for constant usage. Orisa's Energy Javelin and Javelin Spin have knockback properties, enabling her to control enemies that come too close.Her Terra Surge can now pierce through barriers, making it easier to break through enemy defenses.

Overwatch 2 Best Support Tier List

S Tier: Kiriko, Mercy

A Tier: Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Moira, Zenyatta

B Tier: : Lucio

C Tier: Lifeweaver


Kiriko is an agile and very versatile active healer that prefers to be in the heat of a battle to perform well. She can teleport and wall climb, giving her more freedom of movement both to ensure her safety and to also properly support her teammates. Her main source of healing, Healing Ofuda, provides reliable ranged healing that auto-tracks the allies she targets.

Her Protection Suzu ability provides brief invulnerability to allies while also cleansing them of negative effects while her ultimate summons a fox spirit that buffs the movement, attack speed, and cooldowns of allies that follow its path.

Overall, Kiriko is a solid healer that fits almost any team comp. Usually, healers are the primary target when it comes to engagements so in the hands of a skilled player, Kiriko can be hard to kill thanks to her movement options. Her consistent healing and other support buffs significantly increases her team's survivability.


Mercy has been the OG main healer since OW1's early days. In OW2, she's still a solid pick for reliable and consistent healing since that's her entire kit's function. She can also boost the damage of an ally when she's not healing, and she can seamlessly toggle between these two "support streams" as the situation needs it. Not only that, she has the capability to revive fallen teammates as well without waiting for them to respawn from a respawn point, providing a significant tactical advantage especially when used at the right time. She can also fly towards an ally if needed, allowing her to support her teammates from various elevations.

A popular tactic involving Mercy is "pocketing"; this is when Mercy focuses her attention to a single teammate, making them nigh immortal and boosting their damage until she's taken out. For example, Pharah is one of the best characters to be pocketed because of her ability to fly and rain down powerful rockets while also being a squishy DPS character herself.

Finally, Mercy's ultimate allows her to fly freely during the ultimate's duration and enhances her ability significantly by allowing your healing and damage-boosting streams to branch out to nearby teammates. This ultimate alone can turn the tide of battle like making a big push towards an objective or weathering out the enemy squad's onslaught of consecutive ultimates.

Overwatch 2 Tier List Summary

The game is constantly being updated so expect some adjustments done to characters' stats and abilities to maintain game balance. Such adjustments will directly affect the character's ranking in a tier list; and such, we will update this tier list as necessary. Please check out our tier lists for other titles.

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