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Reroll Guide

Reroll Guide
ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Guide

So you are not happy with your initial free pull and want to try a reroll? Then there are two options available to you.

A) Delete the game completely and reinstall it from scratch


B) Rename your game folder, delete all data then put the correct game back again.
It's a nit more complicated but it does save you the need to completely re-downlad the game again.

If data is not an issue for you, then you'll probably be ok with option 1. But if you are on a data limit then you may want to try method 2, and here below, are the full details of what to do.

1) Find the folder for your game : bandainamcoent.opbrww and change it a little - maybe put a letter at the star or end of the folder name for example.

You do have to do this with the game closed though. If you are having trouble finding the folder then its located as follows: Android _ Data

2) Go to Settings _ Apps and select One Piece Bounty Rush and clear it's data

3) Go back and rename the game folder to it's original name and restart the game.

This process should get you started again from the initial tutorial and you should be able to roll again and see what characters you get.

There is a decent chance you'll unlock at least one 4 star character, but probably not more than one. I'm not a great fan of rerolling, but we know that some of our readers are, hence this article.

It's actually not too hard to unlock heroes in the game, and character fragments are relatively easy to collect, so if you are just not getting the character set that you hoped for, don't worry too much, as you'll probably unlock them further down the line as you play the game.

Characters to Look Out For
If you happen to make a roll with any of these characters then you probably really want to consider keeping this roll and playing on:

Croc - Probably the best character in the game at the moment. Strongest blue character
Mihawk - Strongest red character
Shock Freak - Strongest green character

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